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Benefits of Using a Shared Calendar

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Most of us don’t usually realize this, but having a shared calendar does an excellent job in boosting both efficiency and communications for your home and business. Sharing your calendar with other employees, family members and customers will make life a lot more organized. Not just that, they boost your productivity and prevent a lot of small errors too. If you use a shared calendar properly, the results of that will be magical. However, you need to understand your calendar more effectively. Here are some of the benefits of the shared calendar and some tips on how you can maximize its benefits.

1. Creates Better Lines of Communication

One of the biggest benefits of using a shared calendar with your team members is that you can plan projects or even schedule meetings within a click of a button regardless of whether you’re at the office or not. It also prevents missing client meetings & organizes your day well too.

A systematized group calendar will help your team members be on the same page when it comes to assigning tasks or even arranging meetings. If you make changes online, your calendar will be automatically updated so that there’s no communication and confusion. There are plenty of free apps that select your availability and also share all the right information with the right team members with a link.

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2. Boosts Productivity Levels

Organizing your group meetings with employees can be a bit stressful and time-consuming. With the help of a shared calendar, you’ll be able to eliminate any time that’s spent otherwise trying to figure out the right time and date. Using the right calendar is like keeping a good personal assistant. It will take just about 16 minutes to get your focus back to work. In fact, sharing the same calendar will boost your productivity and allow you to stay more focused on all important matters.

3. Balances Assignments

One of the biggest benefits of using shared calendars is that it lets you balance assignments with your team members. After you have viewed the calendar, you will have a better understanding and idea of your employee’s availability and obligations. It also lets you plan out your tasks well and schedule appointments. You may also go through previous team calendars to get a better understanding of how your team members are spending time, what sort of clients have they met with, and the tasks they’ve performed.

4. Balances Your Assignments

The best part about using shared calendars is that they balance out your assignments with your other team members. You could also view the calendar and get a better idea of the availability and obligations of your employees. This will help you plan out your appointments and tasks. You may also revisit the calendars and understand how they spend their time, what kind of clients they have met with and the kind of tasks performed. It will help you plan your projects better.

Tips On How to Manage Your Shared Calendar

Block Your Time

A great way to ensure perfect calendar sharing is that it blocks your time for all your work. Given how hectic some businesses can get, it is best that you plan your day ahead and from before. In fact, doing so is an excellent way to get all your projects completed.

Stay Updated

Staying updated on scheduled events will help you in excellent calendar sharing as well. If you don’t know how to create events in shared calendars, you will end up having the risk of double scheduling. One of the best ways you can do it is by scheduling your meeting at the end of your other meetings. In that way, your calendar will stay updated and it won’t disrespect others too.

Reduce Entries

Sharing calendars also make it easy for you when you wonder what people in your workgroup will think about. Ensure you don’t use general entries like appointments. From the point of entry, it gets unclear whether this is a business or personal appointment that someone else might have organized with you.


If you have other events lined up on Slack, Eventbrite, Evernote, and Facebook, then you can also sync them with your shared calendar. Many of these tools will also integrate with other leading online calendars. Many of these tools will easily integrate with other online calendars. Because of that, you’ll have all the dates in one spot instead of having them scattered across different platforms.

Tell Others About Your Preferences

If you are a very organized person and prefer to follow a similar routine every day, chances are your colleagues have noticed such behavioral patterns in you. Unfortunately, this is possible when you are unaware of your preferences. A few calendar apps also have some preferences, like time slots. Nonetheless, if yours won’t, you can let other people in your workgroup as well.

Shared online calendars can be accessed from almost anywhere with any device. You can check appointments, add, remove tasks and even manage teams. It also reduces the chances of missing deadlines and meetings. If you’re looking for the best shared online calendar system, Itrezzo solutions should be able to help you out. It helps you track deadlines, milestones, manage workload, deadlines, etc. It also allows you to make the best of your talents and skills. Although in most cases, it will help you plan a month ahead, a proper work calendar app will help you focus on the need of the hour. You can also predict how well you can complete your tasks and plan things effectively.

Why struggle to keep a track of all your tasks with different calendars when a separate team calendar can help you stay more organized? Shared calendars are excellent project managers. They share information, offer you immense transparency, and bring in various benefits too.

Do you question about shared calendars? Do you want to get a better understanding of how to go about them? Then get in touch with some of our consultants. They are always ready to offer you help and help you maximize your digital tools for your project management.

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