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Tesla Engineer Killed By Rogue Robot In ‘Violent’ Malfunction



Tesla Engineer Killed By Rogue Robot In 'Violent' Malfunction

(CTN News) – At Tesla’s Giga Texas factory near Austin, a tragic incident occurred when a malfunction caused a robot to become a violent attacker, resulting in a devastating outcome for a Tesla engineer.

As reported by the Daily Mail, while attempting to secure two disabled Tesla robots, one designed for handling aluminum vehicle parts unexpectedly turned hostile.

It forcefully pierced the worker’s back and arm with its metal claws, leaving a distressing “trail of blood” on the factory floor.

The injury report for 2021 disclosed the shocking details of this incident, highlighting an “open wound” on the victim’s left hand. Despite the seriousness of the injuries, the report stated that the engineer did not require time off from work for recovery.

However, doubts have been raised by an attorney representing contract workers at Tesla’s Giga Texas facility, suggesting that there may be a deliberate underreporting of injuries at the factory.

This concern is further supported by the attorney’s mention of an unreported death of a construction worker in September 2021.

These concerns extend beyond the confines of the factory, reflecting the broader anxieties surrounding the growing implementation of automated robots in various workplaces.

Integrating technology in the workplace has raised safety concerns, as evidenced by incidents at Amazon shipment centers, reports of aggressive robotic behavior, and even fatalities.

Similarly, Tesla’s handling of injury reporting has come under scrutiny, with allegations of misclassifying accidents to avoid regulatory attention.

The Workers Defense Project has filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), accusing Tesla’s contractors of providing false safety certificates to workers.

The recent tragic incident at Giga Texas further highlights the need to thoroughly evaluate safety measures and reporting practices in workplaces that adopt advanced technologies.


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