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Sky News Reporter Stuart Ramsay Shot In Ukraine by Russian ‘Infiltrators’

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Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay, along with his team, were ambushed on Monday near Kiev by a Russian ambush squad.

Richie Mockler, the camera operator for Steve Ramsay, took two rounds to the body armor of Stuart Ramsay in the attack.

On July 25, 2013, as the crew traveled by car to the town of Bucha, located 30 km west of Kiev, they were fired upon by a “saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad” firing into the vehicle.

Five members of the crew escaped and fled into a nearby factory unit, where they hid until Ukrainian police rescued them.

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In the course of their journey to Bucha to report on a Russian convoy that had been destroyed by the Ukrainian army, the crew was told at a checkpoint that it was too dangerous to continue.

After not being able to return the way they came due to “unsafe” conditions, the crew went a different way back to Kyiv.

A small explosion occurred on this particularly quiet part of the road, and according to Mr. Stuart Ramsay, “our world turned upside down” as a result.

In his account of the events, he said, “I saw something hit the car and the tyre blew out.”.

“We rolled to a halt as the first round cracked the windscreen. Then, we were under full attack from all sides.

The crew fled into a nearby workshop
The crew fled into a nearby workshop

There were bullet cascades throughout the vehicle, tracer bullets, bullet flashes, plastic seats, the steering wheel, and the dashboard had all disintegrated, and there was bullet damage throughout the whole vehicle.”

At first, they thought that Ukrainians were shooting at them, so they shouted out that they were journalists.

The attack was actually the work of a professional Russian ambush squad aiming to take them out.

With Mr. Stuart Ramsay and Mr. Mockler in the car were producers Martin Vowles and Dominique Van Heerden, as well as local producer Andrii Lytvynenko.

All five managed to exit the vehicle – Mr. Vowles and Mr. Lytvynenko, then Ms. Van Heerden, Mr. Stuart Ramsay, and Mr. Mockler.

As Mr. Stuart Ramsay recalled, he “wonder[ed] if his death would be painful”.

Eventually, they escaped down a 40-foot embankment beside the motorway.

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