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‘Russia Plans To Bomb Odessa,’ Zelensky Says, Requesting More Fighter Jets



Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Sunday that Russia is preparing to bomb Odessa on the Black Sea coast. In a televised address, Zelensky said that it was time for the world to exercise its power to close Ukraine’s skies to Russian rockets and airplanes. Days before, three Russian military helicopters were spotted flying low near the port city.

Zelenskyy warned that rockets against Odessa would be a war crime in a televised address, adding that the world has the power to close our skies to Russian aircraft and rockets.

Zelensky’s request for a no-fly zone follows NATO’s refusal to allow the Ukrainian President’s request. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday that NATO was ‘not involved in this conflict and that the only way for the organization to implement a no-fly zone would be to shoot down Russian aircraft. He added that this could pose a ‘big’ escalation risk. Zelensky lambasted the organization a day later, accusing it of giving Russia a green light to bomb their cities.

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Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky requests more fighter jets

Ukraine’s president demanded more planes in his Sunday address to make its skies safe from Russia’s offensive. Poland and the US are in talks to supply Ukraine with fighter jets. The United States and Poland are working together to provide Poland with US-made jets and provide Ukraine with Polish aircraft manufactured in Russia, according to NBC’s White House source.

In addition, he urged the Russians to stop the war, saying that it wasn’t too late for them to help Ukraine ‘overcome the evil’. Russian nationals, this is not just a fight for peace in Ukraine, it is a fight for our freedom,” he said, noting that their silence now would force their poverty to speak for them in the future.

Furthermore, Zelensky claimed that captured members of the Russian military had shared documents and maps proving that Russia’s ‘special military operation’, was not an improvised war, but a war that was waging with a purposeful, and determined intention.

The Kyiv Independent quoted him as saying, “Russians are currently choosing between freedom and slavery. Today, tomorrow, and this week are still the times to defeat evil. Don’t miss this chance.”

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