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One Dead, Nine Wounded After Violent Attack at Finnish College

A witness told Finnish newspaper the attacker had entered a class with a bag and took out a sword and struck the college teacher. Panic broke out among the students and some of them started to throw chairs at the attacker.



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At least one person is dead and 9 others injured in an attack at the Savo Vocational College in Kuopio, in Eastern Finland. A man wielding a sword and a firearm killed a woman and wounded nine others Tuesday.

Police reported the attacker was seriously wounded after they opened fire, and he was taken into custody.

The police superintendent, Mikko Lyytinen, told Associated Press that officers were forced to shoot the man to prevent more bloodshed.

Savo Vocational College was inside the Herman shopping center in the town of Kuopio.

Police didn’t give the suspect’s age, but said he was a Finnish national without a prior criminal record. He was a student at the College, which occupies the shopping center’s second floor.

Firebombs Found at College Attackers Residence

Police raided the man’s apartment and found a cache of firebombs. Reports say the attacker used firebombs in the rampage. News media also said the suspect started a fire on the second floor of the building which was quickly extinguished.

The motive for the attack remained unclear. The National Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation.

A Finnish newspaper reported she was a college student at the school and “the primary target” of the attacker.

“He hit a girl in the neck with a sword and stabbed her in the stomach,” an unnamed witness told the newspaper.

Police have yet to release details about the murder victim.

Prime Minister Antti Rinne tweeted that the violence at the collage was “shocking.”

The shopping center is located a few kilometers outside the center of Kuopio, about 350 kilometers northeast of the capital, Helsinki.

Violent crime is relatively rare in Finland, a sparsely populated Nordic nation of 5.4 million people. However two school shootings in the late 2000s caused widespread shock and led to changes in the country’s gun laws.

In 2007, an 18-year-old man killed seven students as well as the head teacher of a high school in southern Finland.

A similar attack the following year at a university in Kauhajoki, western Finland. It claimed 10 lives as well as that of the 22-year-old gunman.

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