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Joe Biden Welcomes Visa & Mastercard’s Decision To Suspend Operations In Russia



Joe Biden

During a telephone conversation with his counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy, US President Joe Biden welcomed the decision of VISA and Mastercard to suspend services in Russia. A readout of the meeting released by the White House reported that Joe Biden welcomed the decision by Visa and Mastercard to halt services in Russia. Both companies ceased operating on Russian soil earlier on Saturday following the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“President Joe Biden highlighted the ongoing actions undertaken by the United States, its allies and partners, and private industry to raise the costs on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. In particular, he welcomed the decision this evening by Visa and Mastercard to suspend service in Russia,” the White House said in a statement following the JOE Biden-Zelenskyy conversation.

Moreover, Joe Biden noted that his administration was providing Ukraine with enhanced security, humanitarian, and economic assistance, and is working closely with Congress to secure additional funding.” Previously, the American President had allocated 32.5 billion dollars in aid to the Ukrainian military, along with stinger missiles for the war-torn nation. During the latest conversation, he voiced concerns about the attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant while also commending the “skill and courage” of the Ukrainian operators who have kept the reactors safe.

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Russian invasion Ukraine

On February 24, Russia launched an offensive against the ex-Soviet satellite state Ukraine after months of buildup. Russia continued to bomb Europe’s biggest nuclear plant early Friday in the battle for control of Kyiv, a crucial energy-producing city, and the plant was on fire. During the ninth day of the war, Russian troops successfully captured the Ukrainian city of Kherson – a provincial capital on the country’s southern front. Since the invasion began, more than 2000 civilians have died, according to Ukrainian authorities. Further, since the invasion began, the Ukrainian Armed Forces claim to have killed 9,166 Russian soldiers. A Russian military base near Kherson has been seized by Russian troops, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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