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Chinese Coast Guard Ships Violate Vietnam’s Sovereign Waters

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HANOI – Vietnamese has reported that nearly a dozen Chinese coast guard ships were still in the Vietnamese waters in the South China Sea, violating  its sovereignty.

Vietnam has now sought support from India in efforts to stop China’s‘interference with the ongoing oil and gas activities in Vietnamese waters in the South China Sea.

“We want India also to raise the issue since they have a direct stake in the matter,” Vietnamese diplomatic sources said Monday.

Drawing attention to the fact that nearly a dozen Chinese coast guard ships were still in the Vietnamese waters where the India was among those involved in oil exploration activities.

Sources said another reason why India must take up the issue with China was that it was conducting more than 50 per cent of its international trade through the disputed sea.

Nearly a Dozen Chinese Coast Guard Ships

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‘When India says it stands for peace, stability and the rule of law, it must voice its opinion against China’s violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty,” they added.

Sources said Hanoi has already briefed Indian ministers and senior officials on the Chinese action against Vietnam in violation of UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

“We are told that India is formulating its stand on China’s clear violation of international law and its attempt at infringing upon Vietnam’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction over its waters,” they added.

Sources said Vietnam did not want to escalate the matter as it was hopeful Beijing would realize its mistake and eventually start respecting Hanoi’s sovereignty.

China’s Exploitation of South China Sea

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However, they made it clear that Hanoi was determined to make sure that China did not continue to violate the country’s sovereignty.

“We will try to amicably resolve the issue through talks. If that does not happen, we would like other countries to take up the issue with China.

If Beijing still does not stop intruding into our waters, we will have to resort to international judicial processes,” they added.

Sources asserted that China would have to withdraw from Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and there was no other choice for it.

“Our belief is that the more we are vocal, the earlier they (China) will withdraw.

But major countries like India have to exert diplomatic pressure on Beijing,” they added.

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