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Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro Calls Greta Thunberg a “Litte Brat”



Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has called Swedish climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg a “ littel brat.” His comment comes after she criticized mounting violence against indigenous people in Brazil.

Two Amazon tribesmen were shot dead three days ago, they were members of the Guajajara tribe in northeastern Brazil.

“Greta said the Indians died because they were defending the Amazon (forest). How can the media give space to a brat like that,” Bolsonaro told reporters, using the Portuguese word “pirralha” which means brat in English.

The teen activist retorted by changed the biographical description on her Twitter account to “pirralha”.

Thunberg turned a spotlight on the struggles of the world’s indigenous peoples to protect the environment. She was at the United Nations climate change summit in Madrid.

Two indigenous men of the Guajajara tribe were shot dead Saturday in a drive-by shooting.

“The indigenous peoples are literally being murdered for trying to protect the forest from illegal deforestation. Over and over again. It is shameful that the world remains silent about this,” Thunberg tweeted on Monday. Her misguided tweet angered President Bolsonaro who slammed her as a brat.

Thunberg Gives Trmp her Death Stare

Thunberg has also taken on world leaders in the past. A video of the 16-year-old Swede giving U.S. President Donald Trump a “death stare” at a U.N. climate summit in New York in September went viral on social media.

Indigenous communities in Brazil are also facing escalating violence since Bolsonaro took office in January. He has vowed to reduce tribal rights to land and allow commercial use of their protected reservations.

Tribes have also faced violence especially from illegal loggers and miners.

Questioned about the Guajajara murders, Bolsonaro told reporters “any death is worrying.” He said his government would above all enforce the laws against illegal deforestation.

Jeremy Clarkson Brands Greta Thunberg A ‘Spoilt Brat’


In early september Jeremy Clarkson also branded Greta Thunberg as a ‘spoilt brat’ after she spoke in front of the United Nations.

During her speech the 16-year-old accused world leaders of ruining her childhood. Saying they forced her to take on the responsibility of saving the planet. Her comments didn’t go down well with the TV presenter.

In his column in The Sun, the Grand Tour host suggested Greta needs to think about everything that adults have done for her.

“How dare you sail to America on a carbon fibre yacht that you didn’t build which cost £15million. A yacht which has a back-up diesel engine that you Failed mention,” he wrote.

“Pause for a moment to consider how soundly you sleep at night. Also knowing that adults are building and servicing and flying Swedish fighter planes to keep you safe.

“We gave you mobile phones and laptops and the internet. We created the social media you use every day and we run the banks that pay for it all.

“So how dare you stand there and lecture us, you spoilt brat.”

“Science is what will solve the problem eventually. Not scowling and having screaming ab-dabs every five minutes.

“Many thousands of people who you had the temerity to blame this week are also trying to do exactly what you want.

“So be a good girl, shut up and let them get on with it.”

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