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‘Wordle’ is being turned into a B-O-A-R-D game



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It’s official: Wordle is going IRL.

On Thursday, the New York Times announced that the popular daily word puzzle that has inspired a thousand copies (and flooded your Twitter account with square emojis) is going physical.

As a result of a new partnership between Hasbro and the Times, which bought Wordle from its founder in January, this brand-new party game delivers classic Wordle gameplay in a whole new way. A new version of Wordle offers classic gameplay in an all-new way. (Did you know these word-based board games will entertain you while you wait?)

wordle the party game

Credit: Hasbro

In a statement released by Hasbro Gaming, SVP and General Manager Adam Biehl said Wordle has become a staple of social and pop culture vocabulary. Bringing our gaming worlds together and expanding Wordle in new ways in collaboration with New York Times Games is an absolute pleasure for us.”

This game is not the original Wordle, which is a single-player puzzle available on the New York Times’ website, but rather a two-to-four-player game designed for ages 14 and up. It will be a game of guessing a five-letter Secret Word from a dry-erase Wordle board as the Wordle Host writes it down.
During the game, guessers are given points based on how many tries it took them to get the answer right, and at the end of the game, the person who has accumulated the fewest points wins the game. Additionally to the standard game modes, players have the option of competing in Fast, Timed, and Team modes for an extra twist on the usual gameplay.
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