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Winter Storm Warning Issued as Heavy Snow Arrives on Monday Morning

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Winter Storm Warning

Winter storm warning from 1 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Monday for the immediate area.

In less than 12 hours, temperatures went from the 60s to a full-blown snowstorm. The news is probably familiar to you. Several inches of snow are expected to fall across the region as a rapidly developing storm system takes shape late tonight.

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Through Tonight Report

In the next few hours, a cold front is expected to pass through, and temperatures will drop dramatically in the evening hours. During the early hours of the morning, precipitation (rain and sleet) will begin, eventually transitioning to sleet and snow. Low temperatures will peak just before sunrise when some surfaces will begin to accumulate.

Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Warning

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Today (Monday) Report

Around 6 a.m., all precipitation will change to snow across the region, and the snow may become heavy for a few hours, especially during rush hour. By late afternoon (after 3 p.m.), we should have 3 to 6 inches of snow on the ground. Our southern areas may see higher amounts, while our northern areas may see somewhat lesser amounts.

After the snow stops, temperatures will reach the mid-30s in the afternoon, with winds gusting out of the north at 15-25 mph. The weather will clear out and become very cold today night, with a risk of refreezing. Low temperatures are likely to drop into the teens

Will It Stick?

These warm-to-wintry scenarios entail so many factors. Based on the timing of cold air coming in, elevation, and how long it takes for the ground to get cold enough for snow to stick, snow totals may vary. While our forecast will account for melting, it remains unclear how much snow will stick to roads and areas other than grassy ones. For the morning commute, be ready for possible delays and possibly snow-covered roads.

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