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UK Hit By ‘Huge Cluster’ Of Thunderstorms: MET Asks People To Stay Indoors

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(CTN News) – Meteorological (MET) Office issued a yellow warning for southwest England on June 18, Saturday, due to a “huge cluster” of thunderstorms. According to the Met Office, the overall temperature dropped from Friday’s highs of 32 degrees Celsius. During the bad weather, forecasters activated lightning and thunder warnings, especially in the south of England.

“Frequent lightning” and “difficult driving conditions” were warned on Saturday night. Thunderstorms knocked out high alerts in Sussex, Kent, Essex, and Suffolk.

A sudden temperature change

The sudden temperature change was caused by a sudden cold front from the north, Meteorologist Becky Mitchell told the Independent. It felt like it was just getting into summer, but it has gotten cooler since then.

A huge cluster of thunderstorms hit the southwest of England, but there was also a potential warning triggered for the southeast. Many places in the UK have seen a temperature drop of about 10 degrees.

Overall, the Met Office has issued a lightning warning just three times in the UK, the most recent being in 2019. Mitchell advised people to move inside if they were doing outdoor activities. “Avoid power lines or anything that could be struck by lightning,” she advised people.

Stay away from anything that could conduct lightning if you find yourself in an exposed area. By Thursday, British weather forecasters expect temperatures to reach 26 degrees Celsius.

According to Mitchell, the start of Glastonbury is likely to be dry, hot, and sunny. There will be more showers this week, along with occasional sunny spells and showers. The temperature in London reached 31 degrees Celsius by 4 p.m. Friday, while several home countries reached 29 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

In Surrey and Sussex, the maximum temperature reached 24 degrees Celsius, while in Norwich, it ranged from 22 to 17 degrees Celsius. Lightning flashed across England and other parts of the world as hot air from Europe collided with cold air from the North Sea.

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