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Citizens Startled After Tornado Touches Down in Central Thailand



Residents captured the startling moments when a tornado, a swirling wind caused by storm clouds – was seen in Samutprakan province, Thailand on Saturday (October 5).

The tornado lifted roofs and signs, causing damage to several homes and cars nearby. The gustnado was also followed by a heavy downpour, according to Khaosod.

One witness said he first saw the tornado forming from dust and sand on the ground. It suddenly became a swirling wind travelling towards him.

Ruthairat Hongtap, another witness who filmed the event, said she also had not seen anything like it before.


Tornado (gustnado) Hits Samutprakan Province


A gustnado is a short-lived, ground-based swirling wind that can form on the leading edge of a severe thunderstorm. Although the name comes from “gust front of a tornado,” and a gustnado almost looks like a tornado, it is not considered to be one. A gustnado develops in a different way than a classic tornado does.

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