VIDEO: Escaped Macaw Parrot Races Man on Scooter in Chiang Rai

VIDEO: Escaped Macaw Parrot Races Man on Scooter in Chiang Rai
Tong rides his scooter while filming his experience with parrot on his smart phone.



CHIANG RAI – In an incredible moment Tong Wiwatsunthon, 23, riding his motorcycle starts an unlikely race – with a passing parrot – and manages to film it.

Chiang Rai Native, Tong Wiwatsunthon, was riding his motorcycle near Rajabhat Universitiy lake in Chiang Rai, when a Macaw began flying beside him.

Knowing nobody would believe his story Tong used one hand to steady his bike, grabbed his smartphone and began recording the incredible scene while riding his motorcycle.

The energetic blue and yellow macaw continues flying by his side before moving upwards – coming within a few inches of Tong’s head.

Tong said the parrot stayed at the side of me for about another 100 meters, it went above my head and then in front of me. ‘It was a real thrill, nothing like this has happened before while I’ve been out riding on a motorcycle.

The parrot joined him for the incredible race for another 60 seconds before disappearing over the roofs of nearby homes.

Macaws are native to South America not Thailand, however the tropical climate means that many are kept as pets or at zoos.

The bird is believed to be one that has escaped from a nearby home.

By Jessica Duncan

Update: Increditble as Mr. Tong’s story may seem, a ChiangRai Times reader has pointed out that Mr. Tong’s shirt changes 3 times in the video clip. Stating he beleives the bird to be a trained Parrot.

Trained or not it’s still an amazing video.

Tong Recorded his extraordinary experience on his Smart Phone

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