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Ukraine War

Putin Says War Could Continue Until ‘Last Ukrainian Is Left Standing’



Putin Says War Could Continue Until 'Last Ukrainian Is Left Standing'

(CTN News) – As part of his warning to the West and Ukraine on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the war might continue until the “last Ukrainian is left standing” in the end.

The enemy wants to defeat us on the battlefield today. I don’t know what to say. Russia-24 broadcast a meeting between Putin and the leaders of party factions in the State Duma.

According to him, the West is prepared to fight with us until the last Ukrainian is left standing. This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people.

The West has also been blamed by Putin for promoting and justifying genocide against the people of Donbas through its policies.

In Putin’s words, “we are not refusing peace negotiations. But those who refuse should know that the longer [the conflict continues], the more difficult it will be for them to negotiate with us,” the Russian president said.

As Putin’s troops failed earlier this year to take over Kyiv, the eastern Donbas region has become the center of the Russian president’s military ambitions in Ukraine.

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