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Why You Need A Travel Router While You Are Traveling



Travel Router is essential that you need whenever you are travelling, whether it is travelling inside your own country or travelling aboard. Whether you have heard of a travel router or not, it is a device that can be of great use when you are travelling. Yes, in some apartments rentals for business travelers you can find properly set up and high-quality WiFi routers. However, not all apartments include WiFi devices so you should have one at hand? You don’t need to be a tech expert to use a travel router. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of a travel router:

Connect Your Devices Instantly

You can connect all of your devices to the internet easily with the help of a travel router since it simplifies the whole process of connecting multiple devices to your hotel or other travel WiFi network and allows you to connect multiple devices instantly.

You can connect your travel router to the WiFi network of your hotel and then all of your personal devices will be able to connect to the WiFi network being broadcast by your travel router.

This eliminates the need for connecting every device separately to the WiFi network of the hotel and entering the password every time. Instead, you can connect your travel router to the WiFi network and let all the other devices connect to the travel router to make the process simpler.

Bypass Captive Portal On Devices

If you are traveling and staying in a hotel then you will probably be using the WiFi network from the hotel. When you connect to WiFi networks of hotels, airports, or coffee shops then you will have a screen pop up that will show some sort of advertising and ask you to login or enter other information. This includes accepting the terms & conditions of using the WiFi, entering your room, an additional password screen, and other information.

For most devices such as mobile phones or laptops, they can get online because as soon as they connect to such networks, they can access the captive portals but other devices such as smart speakers or gaming systems cannot access the internet and get online because of the captive portal. With the help of a travel router, all those devices that are not able to access the internet because of the captive portal will be able to do so through a travel router.

Make Your Network Private and Secure

Whenever you will be traveling then you will be connecting to a public WiFi network and semi-private WiFi network most of the time. Public WiFi networks are completely unrestricted while with semi-private WiFi networks, you get some sort of restrictions but the internet is still shared with many other people that you don’t know. A travel router can secure both a public WiFi network and a semi-private WiFi network by securing the connection and making it private.

A travel router does this by creating its own private password-protected WiFi network that will only be accessible if you know the password and in this way, you will be able to connect to a private network. Rather than your individual devices connected to the public WiFi network, it is only your travel router that then passes the internet access to other devices.

Travel Routers can also secure all sorts of WiFi connections, whether public, private, or semi-private by using a VPN. You can enable VPN from the settings of the travel router and you can access these settings through the default gateway address such as which is the go-to address for most routers or it may be

Once you go to the settings and use a VPN, it will make sure that everything that you do online is secure and no one is able to track your activity.

You Have A Backup Option Available

Not only all of this, but a travel router also gives you a backup option and if you want internet on the go then you get an integrated and automatic LTE backup. Travel routers come with a cellular connection that is similar to your mobile phone and if the WiFi connection is weak or not working at the hotel then you can take help from a cellular connection and use the internet on the go.

It is also very useful when you are travelling somewhere where there are no hotels or WiFi networks available. For instance, if you are out camping then most probably, you won’t find any internet connection. In such cases, you can take advantage of this cellular connection feature of the travel routers and use the internet through an LTE connection.

Along with this, you also get the option to use the Phone Hotspot backup if you don’t have data on the SIM card that you have in your travel router. Just like you would connect to a hotel’s WiFi network, you can connect to the hotspot network of your mobile and use the internet if there is no alternative available.


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