Cosy Fall Movies To Re-Visit This Autumn/Winter

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Cosy Fall Movies to Re-Visit This Autumn/Winter



Now we have entered the month of Autumn, this season is all about digging out your old knitwear from the backs of your wardrobe, and cosying on the sofa to watch those movies that just get you into the approaching festive spirit. Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most loved seasons of the year. Whether it is because of the beautiful warm coloured leaves scattered everywhere, the hot, warm, spicy pumpkin spice lattes being made, or the pumpkin patches that we visit with the family, autumn just has a vibe and atmosphere about it that is unmatched.

With all that being said, there are great movies that are perfect for the darker winter months to come. Below are some titles that we recommend you re-visit and cosy up, hot chocolate at the ready! If however, you are not so much of a movie watcher, you can skip the list and head on down to check out the latest betting casino offers, as seasonal festive gambling offers are a thing too!


Many of us have watched this movie already, however, the creative direction behind this cartoon production is definitely filled with multiple parts of its storyline that just get you into the mood of fall. For example, the world of dreams, with the pumpkin and cabbage patches, in addition to the many forests that Coraline passes through, just screams autumn. Even those moments that require a duvet to hide under, when the storyline gets jumpy e.g. Coraline needs to face her ‘Other Mom’ in the dream world. While it is not completely a scary cartoon to watch, it does give you the slight heebie jeebies… But hey, you could gear up to level one of Halloween on this, before you move on to something more like the Night Before Christmas, or any other of Tim Burton’s brilliant productions. There is also the book of Coraline that you could cosy up to as well, Goodreads provides the perfect reviews and opinions of the book if you are curious.

What did we say? Fall movies are the one and ultimate mood.

Mona Lisa Smile

While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, It certainly is a perfect fall movie. Set at the beginning of fall, we see Katherine Watson, played by Julia Roberts, join Wellesley College, as an art history teacher for the all-female attendees (back to school screams autumn too!). Challenged with the many outdated and oppressive views that follow and determine her students’ lives after graduation, Katherine sets out to inspire them to be more than the lives that they are expected to lead.

This storyline brings an interesting take on pre-modern feminism, but with the beautiful settings and miss Julia Roberts herself as the lead, who are we to decline watching this?

Little Women (1994)

We know there is a more recent production of this classic, but we remain firm-the older production is far superior and most importantly is the epitome of an autumnal movie. In the storyline, we see the March family face the struggles of survival in Concord Massachusetts after the civil war. Not only does the story highlight the difficulties women face within this era, from their love life to careers. This story allows us to see all four little women grow up, having to make life dictating decisions that will define them and their futures forever.

Set in the beautiful country, with countless forests and crunching leaves- this movie is definitely a top autumnal pick!



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