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What Distinguishes the Traveller from the Tourist?



difference between traveller and tourist

Mainly the spirit and meaning put into the journey planning. A traveller is a person who uses the trip as a magic life book, which can substitute a few years in a college with a several-day journey to another culture and lifestyle.

Authentic experience is a part of such a journey and this reflects mostly in diving into the local life. Drinking morning coffee at the tiny hidden coffee shop with the people from the neighbourhood, dining with the unknown and maybe suspicious dishes, diving in a quiet street away from the tourist crowded places make the travelling experience unique and allow you to taste the local spirit.

The natural feeling of the foreign culture and mentality comes with the place the person stays in. Windows size, small elements like door handles, curtains or their absence, minimalism or garish decors, the way an apartment is furnished, define the sense of local life like nothing else. This kind of experience can not be provided by chain hotels. Even world-famous hotels look inside the same and give zero true experience. To get a comfortable, yet authentic stay would be a smart decision. Luckily, in the modern world, you do not need to spend a day or even a week in a new country or city to find such a place. Vauban lu may become just the right tool in case you are travelling or relocating to Luxembourg. Be careful, because the variety of options and listing can drag you on an endless journey of finding accommodation with a local flavour and character.



What makes this service so indispensable?

  • This is a time server. You don’t need to search for real-estate regents, conduct their due diligence, and visit the places for the tour upon arrival. Everything can be set in a few clicks based on trustworthy pictures and reviews.
  • Smart for your budget. Again, this is a good option to save some cash on the realtor commission and plan your spending upon a clear payment amount with no hidden fee.
  • No surprises from the landlords as the service takes care of all the background and documentation checks, and what’s most important – communication, so no unexpected visits from the owners.
  • It’s not just about walls and furniture, it is about people. Together with the accommodation, you get a chance to become a part of the whole community. Quite an asset to have right-away friends, who can help you with all the ‘new-moved-in’ questions and show you around.
  • On top of these, you get a nice interface, robust search engine, which will help you to find a dream place and ensure a smooth process for you to rent an apartment in Luxemburg.

Relocation is often a stressful process, and finding a new home should be a fun and exciting process. Dive into a local atmosphere, and enjoy exceptional service looking at the best part of Luxemburg directly from your window.



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