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Villas in Siena: Why choosing Siena to Live



In the imagination of foreign tourists, Tuscany is almost a magic word. It is simply a region that embrace all you can expect from a vacation in Italy:

  • Beautiful climate,
  • Intact natural environment,
  • Cities of art and history,
  • Excellent quality of life.

It is no coincidence that Tuscany and villas in Siena have been chosen as a second residence by many celebrities. When talking about Tuscany, many linger over Florence, the world capital of the Renaissance. However, Tuscany has much more to offer and there are other smaller cities that deserve the same fame of the chief town. One of these is certainly Siena, the city of the well-known Palio di Siena.

But why living in Siena?

Siena is a city of 53,000 inhabitants. It is a historic city, but does not have an old spirit; in fact, thanks to the local university, one of the most appreciated in Italy, large part of the inhabitants are young people coming from different parts of the country and even of Europe.

But this is not all. There are other good reasons why villas in Siena can be the optimal choice.

1) The Duomo. One of the most beautiful churches in the world, that has nothing to envy of the Duomo of Milan or the Vatican.

2) The wine. From Chianti to Brunello, from Nobile to Sassicaia, everything you can find inside the walls of Siena.

3) The alleys. A walk here is a leap backwards of seven centuries.

4) The Palio. Four days of celebration, twice a year, since five hundred years.

5) Sport. The basketball team, the legendary Mens Sana, has been at the top for many years. The soccer team of Siena is also very good and always spectacular to watch.

Moreover, Siena is one of the Italian cities where – statistically – people live better. Life here has a high quality. There is a very low crime rate and a general sense of well-being. A wonderful city of art and culture, Siena emanates a beauty that you can breathe in every corner. A city perfect for young couples, families, students, as well as old partners. Almost every place is at walking distance and the city is not chaotic. As far as leisure is concerned, Siena offers many opportunities, of course not like other major cities, but for sure it is not boring here. There are plenty of nice places for those looking for fun.

Villas in Siena can therefore be the perfect choice for those who are searching a not so big and chaotic city and that love art and history. By car, all the best places of Tuscany are reachable within few hours, so that is possible to make amazing excursions without loosing too much time.

Last but not least, cost of living in Siena is within the average of Italian cities. Food and drink can be found at any price, from more accessible costs for those who prefer something simple, to higher prices, for more refined meals.

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