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Tourists Flock to See the Blossoming of Hemp Fields in Phayao



Tourists are flocking to the Northern Province of Phayao to experience the seasonal beauty of Lush blossoms of Sunn hemp plants. A 100-rai field in the Dok Khamtai district in has been opened for tourists.

Tourists can see the bright yellow flowers with the hills in the distance serving as a backdrop.

Locals in Phayao planted the Sunn hemp to help improve the quality of the soil and to sell the seeds.

The hemp is entering its blooming period and will bloom again before the seeds are ripe to be collected.

The field is easy to access, encouraging hundreds of tourists every day to visit. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Phayao until the end of the year.

Sunn Hemp is also drawing visitors to the Na Khao Sia subdistrict in Trang province. The southern Thailand province has just opened a new tourist attraction to welcome the new year with Sunn Hemp’s fields.

People bring their families along to take pictures with the bright yellow Sunn Hemp flower blooming. Some children come to play hide and seek in the fields of yellow.

Travellers also appreciate the bright atmosphere with the view of the mountains surrounded by lush yellow fields.

Planting the Sunn Hemp came from the need to create a new tourist spot to attract the general public, an official told the Nation. Suthat Sudja, deputy chief executive of the local council said the office has also organised a kayaking activity in the canal along Sunn Hemp road.

About Sunn Hemp l Crotalaria Juncea

Sunn Hemp,is used in Thailand as the number one soil builder and cover crop for reclaiming poor land.There are millions of acres of this crop grown in other countries. Sunn hemp is originally from India and has been grown since the dawn of agriculture.

It has also been grown as a green manure, livestock feed for forage, hay, and for non-wood fiber.

The raw seeds are toxic and can not be fed to cattle without prior boiling. The plant can be ploughed down for green manure in the early flowering stage. It can be useful as an inter-cropping species, in rice fields or for other cash crops. Sunn hemp can suppress weeds thanks to the shade made by its dense canopy.

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