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The Ins and Outs of the Kingston Town Classic for 2020 in Perth



The Ins and Outs of the Kingston Town Classic for 2020 in Perth

Fans of horse racing frequently gravitate to the Kingston Town Stakes. The Kingston Town Classic, in a nutshell, is a race that’s part of the “Group 1” category. It takes place at the famed Aston Racecourse on an annual basis. It’s a 1,800m happening that’s a December staple for horse racing aficionados all over Australia. It’s a beloved Perth race extravaganza that is in many cases associated with earlier options like the Group 2 Winterbottom Stakes and even the Group 1 Railway Stakes.

This race has a purse of a cool $1,000,000. This prize draws in horses and owners from locations that are nearby. It draws in horses and owners from distant places all the same. There are many participants who come from different states outside of Western Australia.

People who want to check out this race for 2020 can head to the Aston Racecourse on Saturday, the 5th of December.

The Origins of the Kingston Town Classic

This thoroughbred horse race has been ticking for quite some time at this point. It’s a “Weight for Age” event that is suitable for three-year-olds. It’s suitable for horses that are older than that, too. This race has been in existence since all the way back in 1976. That’s the reason that it’s no surprise at all that people all over Australia know so much about it and how it operates. It’s a turf race with a left-handed track.

Why in the world is this race referred to as “Kingston,” anyway? This name is a nod to the beloved Kingston Town. That’s the name of the capable horse that was victorious all the way back in 1982. Kingston Town has the distinction of being a part of the Australian Racing Hall of Fame.

How long has the prize been at an impressive $1,000,000? It’s been that high since back in 2015.

Other Noteworthy Kingston Town Classic Winners

If you’re planning on doing well betting on this race, then you should research Kingston tip options on the Internet and beyond. It can help to go forward with more in-depth assessments of this race and its background as well. You may want to find out about the many horses that have won this race in earlier times. There have actually been a handful of horses that have won the race on multiple occasions, believe it or not. Several examples of these horses are Sniper’s Bullet, Modem, Old Comrade and, last but definitely not least, Better Loosen Up.

Other noteworthy winners in general are Kay Cee, Early Express, Old Nick, Island Morn, Rant and Rave, St. Clemens Belle, Family of Man and True Steel.

Official Inauguration

One thing makes this race particularly fascinating. It has been in existence since the middle of the seventies. It was started back in 1976 specifically. In spite of that, it didn’t secure inauguration for many long decades. It didn’t secure it until 2007. The race before that was run with the cooperation of various sponsors. Some of these sponsor names were Western Mail Classic, Marlboro 50,000 and Fruit ‘N Veg Stakes.

People who want to bet on this thrilling race can easily and rapidly do so via the assistance of the Internet. It’s a big betting gem in Australia.


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