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The Easiest and Safest Ways to Travel in the New Normal



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This year has been extraordinary. It started with Covid-19 that rapidly spread throughout the world, and because of how easy travel has become, people have gone back and forth unknowingly carrying the virus and spreading it. As a result, to curb the spread of the virus and control the pandemic, countries have proceeded to put restrictions on moving from city to city, and from country to country.

However, these restrictions are now lifted and traveling is slowly getting back to normal. With the vaccine still unavailable, you must take your precautions if you are planning to travel. In this guide, we will help you discover the easiest and safest ways to travel in 2020 while limiting contact with other people and exercising social distancing.

How to Stay Safe with Covid-19

staying safe during covid-19 pandemicThe safest way to travel is to use a means of transportation that encourages social distancing. You should use your car to go to the destination you want. However, if you must use public transportation, make sure that you adhere to all safety measures, such as wearing a mask, gloves, and carrying a sanitizer.

Masks have also proven to reduce the spread of the virus significantly, as they shield against respiratory droplets that may be floating in the air. Gloves also keep you protected from directly touching a surface that may be infected with the virus. If available, you could use disinfectant wipes to use on handles and doors as an extra measure to protect yourself.

Flying and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Flying safety covid-19

If it’s not practical for you to use your car to travel long distances, and you’re compelled to go overseas, there are things you have to consider before you do. First, you have to wear your mask for the duration of the trip. Airplanes are safe to use, as the air is circulated and filtered, which makes it always clean. Try to pick a window seat and make sure that it is not close to the lavatory to socially distance yourself as much as possible.

Additionally, other options allow you to use private planes. We’ve mentioned previously that it’s recommended to avoid traveling with large crowds. For that reason, private planes could be a very sound decision in our current circumstances; you can click here to find out more about how this is a very safe and quick option for travel. They come with the benefit of being around fewer people, as these planes uphold social distancing measures.

Riding Buses and Trains

People travel bus and train

Using public transportation, you’d be more at risk, seeing as your proximity to people is less than the safest distance that is listed in the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Make sure that you are wearing your mask at all times. Additionally, it’s recommended that you avoid touching surfaces, and if you must, make sure that you are wearing gloves and avoid touching your face until you take them off.

That said, make sure to keep a sanitizer close to you in case you touch a surface without gloves, and pick one with at least 60% alcohol in it. To keep practicing your social distancing, you should travel during non-peak hours because these are the times with fewer people traveling with you. Fewer people also means that you can skip a row between you and other passengers; keeping one empty row between you and other passengers is enough to keep a safe distance.

Using Your Personal Vehicle

car travel during Pandemic

Using your own vehicle could also be a great way to travel. It allows you to have control over your environment, which in turn could slim chances of infection. However, you are going to need to stop for food and gas, and that’s why you must adhere to protective covid-19 measures when you are in these public places.

That said, we recommend that you use contactless payments to limit the chances of touching surfaces. After each stop, make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly with disinfectant wipes for twenty seconds before you continue your trip.

At the beginning of this pandemic, getting out of the house was an activity that was met with great fear. However, as experts and doctors came to understand how to limit the spread of the virus, and people followed through, restrictions were slowly lifted, and people have begun to travel a bit more freely.

More people are now getting on the road and leaving their houses to enjoy their summer, all while doing the necessary precautions, keeping their hygiene in check, and social distancing. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you’re good to go!

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