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The Digital Rise of Sustainable Tourism in Thailand



CHIANG RAI – Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With 25 million visitors per annum, the country relies heavily on tourism industry. In 2013, the tourism industry contributed 9 percent of the country’s annual GDP. This is not surprising as Thailand is one of the top 10 most visited countries on the planet.

There are many reasons why Thailand is a great tourist spot. However, there are too many to mention in today’s article. There is no question whether or not Thailand has a lot to offer, but is Thailand’s tourism industry sustainable? This question is important and people are curious to how the country will keep its position in the global tourism industry, but Thailand has a lot of arsenals to resort to in order to maintain the impacts of sustainable tourism.

The country is rich in ecotourism destinations. If they are developed and improved, they will contribute a lot in sustainable tourism in Thailand. Therefore, the government of Thailand must work toward ecotourism sustainable development to secure future prosperity

Green Areas

There are many areas in Thailand that can still be developed and improved. These are some green areas, which are still left untouched. Thailand has more than 100 national parks, which can be converted to ecotourism spots. Some of these areas are Khao Yai and Khao Sok National Park.

Khao Yai National Park is the most popular protected jungles in Thailand. Many travelers visit the place because of its 50 kilometers of hiking trails. These travelers have some options to go for easy route or to go through some more challenging and adventurous activities. Nonetheless, visitors are guided by park rangers as this is a place where there are still many wild tigers, gibbons, and elephants. There are also 400 species of birds there.

Khao Sok National Park is another similar park which ecotourists can visit. It is located in southern Thailand. This place is known for being one of the oldest evergreen rainforests in the world. It is home to several wild animals such as black bears, leopards, and other species of monkeys. Travelers there are also guided by park rangers.


In the movie, the Beach, the full beauty of the Thailand beaches was captured with their crystal clear waters and fine, white sand. The movie is inspired by the 42 islands of Thailand – each with their own unique beauty. Besides the panoramic scenery, the water of Thailand is great for diving and seeing the habitat of amazing sea creatures like dolphins, shellfish, and coral reefs.

One of the most famous beaches of Thailand is Phuket but it is not the only one. There are beaches where tourism is sustainable. One such beach is the holiday resort in Koh Yao Noi.

Koh Yao Noi is one of the least altered beaches in Thailand. It has been preserved as it looked before with the exception of some shacks along the harbor. It is one of the most cared for beaches by the local community and everyone seems to know each other there. It is a great place for a quiet escape with only a few resorts around the southern cape of the beach.

Getting to Koh Yao Noi is easy with just a short ferry ride from Phuket. Homestay in Koh Yao Noi is basic and eco-friendly. The island has sustainable projects and services that include clean water, recycling of waste, planting of trees, and educational projects on sustainability.

Koh Yao Noi activities are numerous. There are cooking classes and herbal care products classes, yoga sessions, gyms, traditional Thai massage and Thanakha massages, and day tours through the local village and the island.

Koh Yao Noi is one of the few beaches where you can enjoy the place as it once was. Thanks to the efforts of the locals, the island is a unique place for those that just want to experience the virginity of nature to the fullest.

Business Challenges

The government of Thailand may find it challenging to encourage investments in the ecotourism industry. This is because the areas to be developed are too many for the government to consider developing simultaneously. Nevertheless, some big companies from western countries have started investing in various ecotourism businesses. It is just a matter of proper targeting to reach the right audience.

Lanna Trek Tour takes people on Ecotourism tours around Chiang Rai Province

It is not difficult to start a business in Thailand, especially in ecotourism. You don’t have to invest only in hotels and restaurants. Since ecotourism in Thailand offers a lot of potentials, there are many ways to take advantage of it. Some entrepreneurs venture into green tech startups. This is because they have probably seen the potential growth of ecotourism in Thailand to extend to other industries. Digital marketing has started to capitalize on promoting this industry. In other words, Thailand’s ecotourism potential has already got the attention if digital advertising industry.

Campaigns and promotions are very important in order to sustain Thailand’s tourism industry. Ecotourism is not alone as it has found an ally in digital marketing industry, which is now on its way to tell the world about this growing trend.


Thailand is not just the land of smiles. It can also be considered as the land of natural wonders. Traveler’s visit Thailand for many reasons and most of which are related to ecotourism. Bangkok may be everything for some tourists, but the capital city is just a doorway to some more exciting journeys that someone can experience in Thailand. The impacts of sustainable tourism in Thailand will further strengthen the country’s position in the global tourism industry.


About the author: Riya is originally from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She loves to travel, passionate about lifestyle, and sipping a good coffee. She is an inspired writer, delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. She never stops finding new ways to enhance her productivity.

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