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The Best Travel Apps for Thailand’s Adventures

The Best Travel Apps for Thailand’s Adventures
The Best Travel Apps for Thailand’s Adventures

Thailand adventures are highly recommended in one of the most magical places in the world. What is more, it is a super popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

There are many exciting offers for tourists in Thailand adventures. Young travellers can greatly enjoy exotic unique landscapes. They can spend an amazing time once visiting various parties on the beach.

The unique nature is enough to become super excited with the country. Besides, many local businesses pay lots of time to offer travellers the best entertainment programs. This country is really popular with its numerous thrilling parties.

If you are fond of the original architecture and breathtaking historical places, you can find a bunch of temples, different museums, and other great places for Thailand adventures. The small villages can reveal to you the most remarkable local traditions and customs.

It is good when you spend a decent time planning your trip. In such a case, you can list the number of places you want to visit in advance. It helps to never forget to visit the wanted sightseeing places.

Numerous highly functioning up-to-date applications can be very helpful when you plan your trip to Thailand. You can check the reviews of the following best travel apps for travelling Thailand below.

Thailand Adventures to Enjoy

The Best Travel Apps for Thailand’s Adventures

1. Thai by Nemo

The best way to start your happy travels is to learn some words in a foreign language. It greatly helps when you reach your place of destination. You can ask for help if needed, ask for directions, or thank locals for their help when you speak Thai a little.

This app is very entertaining and convenient. You can easily navigate the menu and search in various directories. You can search for needed words, use the translator, scan words, and learn with flashcards.

The phrasebook can be very helpful for travellers. Besides, it is super easy to navigate the categories, like basics, emergencies, transportation, etc. This app is free for users. There are some pop-up ads. Still, they do not ruin the general impression of the app. Besides, the application is both available on iOS and Android devices.

2. Hostel World

The second important issue to think about after a small language detour is to find the best place to stay in Thailand. Hostel World offers lists of the available accommodations for tourists.

This is the top app for young people since it offers lots of cheap accommodations. If you stay as a couple, guest houses can be the best option for you. With such a purpose, it is better to find your accommodations by using Booking.com.

This particular Hostel World application is focused on hostels mostly. You can also find some single private rooms as well once using the app. The pricing range for a place at a hostel varies from $2 to $10. If you need more information on available accommodations, the Agoda platform can be helpful as well.

3. DG – Dive Guide

This application is the best for divers. Dive Guide is the top app that offers detailed information on the top places to visit in Thailand if you want to dive. The app offers short info on the best dive sites in every corner of the world. You can find detailed information on popular Koh Tao and other destinations for divers.

For instance, the information you can find about Koh Tao covers a list of important details for divers. It includes water temperature, visibility, current, and depth. It is very convenient to use the application.

Besides, you can leave your review and help other divers to find the best places to dive. There is even no need to subscribe for an application. Even the free version offers enough information on divers’ top destinations.

The Best Travel Apps for Thailand’s Adventures

4. Next Station: Bangkok

Most tourists tend to visit Bangkok at least once, even if they go to other places. Next Station: Bangkok is a small application that can be used with well-known Google Maps. This app allows you to search for wanted places and find the best way to reach them on the subway.

The information you can find by using the app can be easily exported to Google Maps. It significantly improves the time you need to find a certain tourist place. The application is free of charge and helps greatly to reach the wanted destination place with fewer efforts.

5. Grab Driver & Taxi

If you refuse to use a subway or want to reach the wanted places faster, Grab Driver & Taxi app can be a great solution. This application works in the way Uber does. A small difference is the way the client pays. Payments in cash are way more popular than with a credit card. Grab Driver offers more drivers than Uber in the region. Besides, you can use a motorbike option to save your money.

The average base fair is about $2, plus $0.15 per kilometre. Motorbike’s base fare is twice lesser, but the price for every kilometre is the same. The one inconvenience can be the fact that drivers in Thailand rarely speak English well. Thus, you better learn some simple phrases in Thai before your planned trip.

Final Thoughts on Thailand Adventures

Thailand is a great place for tourists from any country. A Thailand adventure can be really memorable and highly exciting. What is more, the trip to Thailand can become a great adventure.

You can find numerous museums, temples, and unique villages with exciting customs and traditions to visit. The exciting parties on the beach or trips to super exotic places can be very entertaining as well.

Your trip to Thailand can become even more memorable if you plan it properly. To organize your trip as it should be, you need to use some advanced applications.

With the top apps for travelling Thailand, you can find the best places to stay, learn the Thai most common phrases, and find the easiest ways to reach the wanted places on the subway, taxi, or with local drivers. The best applications can be very useful to make your trip to Thailand stress-free and really enjoyable.

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