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Thailand’s Social Development Ministry launches Nation Wide Campaign to Remove Beggars from Streets



BANGKOK – Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has launched a new campaign to remove beggars from the streets of Thailand.

On Monday, Director-General of the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Napa Setthakorn, chaired the official opening of the campaign aimed at lowering the number of beggars through cooperation between related offices nationwide.

The campaign has been designed to help the public gain a better understanding of the surveillance and alert system, which is intended for the homeless and the beggars while bringing order to Thailand’s streets.

Mrs. Napa said that it is hoped that the campaign will strengthen the good image of Thailand after officials from the department have spent the past two years providing knowledge and education about the matter to relevant networks and that the efforts have been successful.

The Issarachon Foundation, a homeless organization based in Bangkok, recently estimated that there could be as many as 200 foreigners living rough across Thailand, along with 30,000 Thais.

By Kitti Cheevasittiyanon


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