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Thailand’s Government to Streamline Handout for Domestic Tourism



BANGKOK – The Finance Ministry has allocated Bt20 billion to fund the Bt1,000 cash giveaway and 15% rebate for for domestic tourism.

The Comptroller-Genera plans to streamline the registration process to attract merchants to participate in the 1,000-baht cash giveaway.

Interested merchants will be allowed to use the application issued by the department and signed by state agencies. A move to facilitate shops intending to participate in the  tourism scheme.

Between Aug 28 and Sept 2, around 500-600 shops on average per day signed up to participate in the 1,000-baht cash handout.

The cash giveaway and the rebate is part of the 316-billion-baht stimulus package, aimed at boosting Thailand’s economic growth.

The Finance Ministry has prepared a budget of 20 billion baht to fund the 1,000-baht tourism giveaway. It will be for travel to tourist destinations outside of home provinces. And a 15% cash rebate of up to 30,000 baht on tourism-related spending.

To be eligible for the tourism handout and rebate, Thais aged 18 and up. Registrants will receive an SMS to confirm their privileges within three business days.

If registrants fail to use the 1,000-baht cash giveaway in the province they identify within two weeks of receiving the SMS, they cannot spend the money in the app.

Those who sign up must download the bank‘s Tung Ngen app to receive payments.

Source: Bangkok Post

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