Thailand To Construct Another Bridge To Malaysia To Boost Tourism And Trade Ties


Thailand to Construct Another Bridge to Malaysia to Boost Tourism And Trade Ties



(CTN News) – Thailand is planning to build a new bridge over the narrow Golok River to serve as another border crossing.

It is hoped that the bridge connecting the Narathiwat and Kelantan provinces will boost tourism and trade ties between the two nations.

This will be the third bridge built over the river. It will connect to “Harmony Bridge,” also in the Sungai Golok district, which connects to Rantau Panjang in Malaysia.

In the Waeng district of Narathiwat, a second bridge will connect Bukit Bunga town with Buketa village.

As part of their bilateral trade goal of US$30 billion by 2025, Thailand’s Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai and Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah agreed to improve infrastructure at the border.

During their meeting, both ministers emphasized the importance of improving trade links between Malaysia and Thailand through the construction of a road connecting Bukit Kayu Hitam and Sadao customs complexes.

Both countries are also considering the construction of a fourth bridge connecting Pengkalan Kubor in Malaysia to Tak Bai district in Narathiwat province, but an area assessment and topographic survey will be required before further discussions can take place.

The bridge will facilitate seamless travel. In July, most Malaysians arrived in Thailand by land.

The new bridge will facilitate seamless travel between the two countries. Most Malaysians arrived in Thailand by the land border in Songkhla province in July.

Singaporeans are the top foreign arrivals in Malaysia, but Malaysia continues to be popular among Thai travelers.

When the sun goes down, Sungai Golok becomes a notorious party town because Thais and Malaysians can easily sneak across the narrow river separating Thailand and Malaysia.

A Malaysian man attended an illegal cockfighting match across the river in June.

Despite winning the fight, the man’s luck soon changed when he got shot on his way home. He returned to Malaysia with medical treatment in mind, fearing the authorities.

Most Covid-19 entry restrictions in both countries were lifted in July, allowing Hat Yai in Songkhla to connect with Padang Besar.

Tourists can travel between Malaysia and Thailand via train for only 50 baht (7 Malaysian ringgits) in an hour.

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