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Thailand Hosts World’s Largest Elephant Buffet



SURIN – Nearly 200 elephants share a banquet of fruits in what is said to be the world’s largest elephant buffet during the annual Surin Elephant Round-Up in Thailand.

The festival was official opened on Wednesday and will run until November 25 featuring the largest elephant cultural festival of Thailand.

In the much-anticipated event on Friday, the elephant feast began with an elephant parade on the streets of Surin city. Leading the pack were a pair of elephant siblings and Surin Governor Prapat Malakan who dressed up in ancient warrior costume riding on one of the elephants.

Over 180 jumbos then enjoyed the special treat, feeding on 50 tons of fruits on 400-meter-long table.

The elephant feast is one of the highlights of the annual festival, held to celebrate relationship between the pachyderms and humans in the northeastern province since 1962. It is a prelude to the main event, Elephant Round-Up grand shows on the weekend which will feature more than 100 elephants and 2,000 performers.

The show this year is divided into nine acts illustrating the lives of elephant mahouts and the significant roles of elephant throughout the history of Thailand.

Also on Friday, visitors took part in Welcome & Elephant Feeding Party giving them close encounters with the elephants.

Source: TNA

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