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Ten Interesting Facts About Thailand You May Not Have Known




Did you know traveling can be the best source of inspiration? Now, you may ask the inspiration for what? But we only have one answer to that—the inspiration to live your life. Life becomes monotonous for everyone after a while, and that’s why we take breaks from time to time. So, next time you feel like taking a break from your daily routine, plan a trip to Thailand.

Many people are finding Thailand to be the new traveling destination for sea lovers. The abundance of mountainous terrain, beaches, and wildlife makes this place a popular tourist spot. In addition, the magnificent scenery and cultural heritage of this place are making Thailand an addition to our bucket list.

What Are The Most Interesting Facts About Thailand?

In the Indochinese peninsula of Southeast Asia, Thailand is located. The area it covers is approximate 198,120 square miles. The nation is a home for 6 million tourists annually. So, let’s check out some interesting facts about this country and why Thailand is such a popular tourist spot.

1: Fish That Can Walk On Land!!!

The Cryptotora Thamicola is a unique fish that can swim in the water and walk on land. The skeletal adaptations of this fish have not been observed in any other fish. The blind waterfall climbing cave fish has the anatomy of a salamander.

However, scientists have found it as a distant relative of pet goldfish. The fish uses its two pairs of front and back fins to climb the waterfall. You will be amazed to see how this fish can walk like a four-legged animal on the land.

2: Venice Of The East

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, but we bet you did not know that people also call it the ‘Venice Of The East.’ Numerous canals are passing across the city, which gives it a Venice look. Even most of the original buildings of the town were built on the Chao Phraya River.

So, if you want to enjoy a boat ride while you walk in the city, Thailand is your go-to tourist spot. These meandering canals played a significant role in Thailand’s trading activities. Although most of the canals are now covered to expand the city and make room for its rising population, some canals are still left.

3: The Originator Of Red Bull

Did you know the famous energy drink Red Bull was initially born in Thailand? We know you didn’t know it. We did not know about it until we visited the place a few years back. Now, of course, the drink’s name was not Red Bull at that time, but its name was Krating Daeng.

There are many similar features in Krating Daeng and Red Bull, including its branding. However, the original drink was modified later to meet the demands of Western countries. Initially, it was just sold across Asian countries. But Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian Entrepreneur, changed it later to increase its sales volume.

4: Don’t Touch Anybody’s Head

No matter how strange it sounds, you should not touch anyone in their head in Thailand. The rule is applicable even when it comes to touching a child. It is a sign of disrespect in Thai culture. Even the Thai people always keep their heads lower than anyone of a higher position or older to show respect.

Even when you are sitting, you must not point towards anyone. Your feet must always be tucked under your body. Thai people consider the feet as the lowest part responsible for all human suffering, so better maintain a correct posture when you visit this nation.

5: There’s A Monkey Buffet

You may be surprised to know that in Lopburi, Thailand, there’s an annual monkey buffet festival to honor the long-tailed macaque population. The festival is celebrated every last Sunday of November. Thousands of people come to the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple to feed monkeys fruits, salads, meat, ice cream, etc.

The monkeys also enjoy the festival a lot because they get to feast on such a huge buffet. More than 600 monkeys attend this festival. The Thai people arrange this buffet to thank the monkeys because they are also a popular part of driving tourists to this nation.

6: An Expensive Delicacy Made From Saliva

Will you taste a dish that is made from a bird’s saliva? Oh yes. Among the most bizarre delicacies globally, Thailand has also got a place due to this salty dish. The Swiftlet birds’ male counterparts’ saliva is the main ingredient of this delicacy, and we don’t know why it is so expensive.

I mean, the dish costs 900 USD, can you imagine? It is due to the detailed harvesting procedure of the Swiftlet caves; the dish is so pricey. But, we have not got a taste of it yet. So, if you are one of the foody travelers, you can certainly taste it.

7: The Land Of The Most Scenic Landscape

The home to numerous animal species, and plant species, Thailand has also got the most scenic landscape. The Thi Lo Su Waterfall may not be the biggest waterfall in the world, but it is the biggest one in Thailand, and it looks aesthetic. The elephants are pretty domesticated here, and the bumblebee bat is an endangered species of the country.

The expansive natural forests, coastal plains, and sandy beaches add an extra shine to Thailand’s beauty. It can be the best source of Inspiration. Even there are many luxurious resorts in this place that is the home to many tourists from abroad. The Khorat Plateau is so extensive that it adds extra beauty to Thailand’s natural landscape.

8: The Largest Buddhist Population

One of the most beautiful religions of the World, Buddhism has the most significant following in this nation. Almost 95% of people in Thailand practice Buddhism. In the past, all Thai males needed to become Buddhist monks before they turned 20 years old. But, this practice is not followed in modern Thailand.

There are more than 35000 Buddhist temples in this nation. Unfortunately, you can only see a few when you visit the country for the first time. And trust me, the architecture of all the temples is astonishingly beautiful, so they also attract tourists.

9: It Has The Longest Reigning Monarch

There are many countries in the world with a monarchy system; we know that. But, did you know Thailand has the longest reigning monarchy in the world. It is due to King Bhumibol Adulyade, who reigned the country for 70 years and 126 days. The Thai people respected him greatly.

The national anthem of Thailand was composed by this longest-reigning monarch. He had an engineering degree from Switzerland. He also owned a patent in a specific type of cloud seeding, which is just a few of many of his mention-worthy achievements.

10: Siam Was Its Original Name

Since the 12th-century, people have been calling Thailand the name of Siam. At that time, people who resided in that place were known as Siamese. Even the Siamese cats also originated from this place. There’s a 14th-century poetry book that describes 23 different species of Siamese cats, among which only six exist today.

Even the Siamese cats were given to a new bride at her wedding as a gesture of good luck. Quite fascinating, right? Due to predation, unfortunately, most of these cats are extinct now. Even the first Siamese twins were also born in Thailand.


The population of Thailand is almost 69 million. The country has a monarchy, and the monarchs are the most respected people among the citizens. If you think these facts are interesting about the place, you must pay a visit to this country next.

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