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Six Most Instagrammable Places in Thailand

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Lying on the south-eastern part of Asia is the tropical haven Thailand. A country known for gorgeous beaches, opulent royal palaces, ornate temples that feature the figure of Buddha and ancient ruins. It also has a modern side, with its capital city, Bangkok, boasting ultra modern cityscapes. Apart from the breathtaking sites to behold, Thailand has a rich culture with delicious food.

With all that considered, it is no wonder Thailand is a popular choice for those that want to relax and behold the beautiful during a vacation. Not only is it popular among people who are on vacation, but also among movie makers. Yes, music videos and movies have been shot in Thailand’s white sandy beaches and the temples, palaces, and ruins.

However, you may not know the best spots to take photos and showcase to the world through Instagram. But worry not; you shall be enlightened by the time you finish reading this. Today we shall look at some of the places that would make your Instagram look wow! Here is a compilation of the most Instagram-worthy places Thailand, compiled just for you:

Maya Bay


With pristine beaches and breathtaking viewpoints, Maya Bay has plenty of places to take photos. A trip to Phi Phi Island would get you to Maya Bay, where ‘The Beach’ was filmed here in 1999. It was the dream of many to visit this place after seeing the film, and I dare say that it does not disappoint. There has been a boom in tourism since the world set eyes upon this beauty.

The beach with its white sands and the texture of the sand like that of flour spells opulence. The turquoise waters of the ocean are so beautiful; Phi Phi diving is one of the best in the world. The infamous look of the stunningly beautiful bay is brought about by the 100-meter-high cliffs on all three sides, which shelter and almost wholly enclose the beach. You can’t take bad snaps at Maya Bay.

Railay Bay

2 3

A beautiful beach probably isn’t reason enough to leave your country to Thailand, right? But what about four of them? Now we are talking – that’s what I thought. What’s even better is that the beach can be accessed for free, which you will find is a rarity in Thailand. Railay Bay is a must-visit spot that sports the best beaches, not just in Krabi, but also in the whole of Thailand (arguably). But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

It is connected to the mainland, but you can only access it by a 10-minute boat ride. While there, you can witness four different beautiful spots to notch up your Instagram, including Phra Nang caves, Railay East, Railay West, and Tonsai. You can also explore local bars and restaurants for native delicacies.


koh phangan beach thailand

KohPhangan is home to the Full Moon Party. Yes, you got me right – party. You didn’t think Thailand was only relaxing while enjoying breathtaking views, did you? I mean, come on, there must be someone out there with zeal to party! “The joy in traveling the world comes from the moments experienced and the beauty of a place from the heart and not the eyes” – Diana Adjadj, a travel blogger, writerat WritingJudge and SupremeDissertations.

Photos of the Full Moon Party could stir up some controversy in your Insta-feed, not to mention, the party could be one of the best nights of your life. In addition to parties where you’ll take photos that you might not remember, KohPhangan has more to offer. Talk about paradisiacal beaches and the enchanting Phaeng Waterfall, along with a whole host of other natural features.

Dragon Crest Mountain

Dragon Crest Mountain trail views

Enough with the beaches already! It’s time to change the scenery. Well, a 565 meters ascent above the rest of Krabi is what you need to break the monotony of the Thai beaches. After a vigorous and rather exhausting hike, mother nature shall reward you with panoramic views from the summit.

In comparison to the view on reaching the summit of the Dragon Crest Mountain, all other viewpoints pale. The magnificent countryside from there will make your jaws drop as you endlessly gaze in awe of its beauty.

It is indeed one of the best viewpoints in Thailand, offering unbeatable panoramic views and endless photo opportunities that will spice up your Insta-feed.

Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

IMG 1799

Apart from the beautiful natural features that Thailand has to offer, there exists a human-made attraction that would make your itinerary while in Bangkok incomplete. Ever thought of boarding a Boeing 747 without bringing a passport along? What about boarding a Boeing 747 that isn’t moving yet attracts so many people? If not, you need to think bigger.

The Boeing 747 has been completely ripped apart and covered in graffiti, which is quite a surreal but rather fantastic experience. It feels like being in an adult playground. The plane sits on privately-owned land whose squatters regulate access to the aircraft. It is a cool experience, and one which you wouldn’t think would be found in Thailand, if at all.

The Sanctuary of Truth

1541161873 truth sanctuary.jpg

Your Instagram feed needs diversity. The sanctuary of Truth may be what you need. It has been crafted entirely of intricately carved lumber – without any metal nails. The ornate temple-like complex commands a celestial view of the ocean. The 105m-tall structure is covered with detailed wood carvings of Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses.

The Sanctuary of Truth is an iconic landmark in Pattaya – an artistic consolidation of centuries of religious myths and cultures under one unifying roof. It was constructed in four wings, dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese, and Indian religious iconography. With its impressive architecture and setting, the Sanctuary of Truth is genuinely one of the most distinctive structures in all of Thailand.

Thailand is replete with spots that would wow your Instagram followers. The list we have compiled above is just but the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to explore other places and see what beautiful country Thailand is. I doubt you’ll finish exploring all the spots, but hey, you’re welcome to try!

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