Tourists at the elephant camp are invited to use a hose clean the feet of the elephants as part of a bathing activity.

Tourists have long been bathing elephants at various camps, but this camp takes the experience to another level.

Dumo Elephant Spa offers mud spa, herbal treatments and helping to do manicures on elephants feet.

The camp’s vet explained that elephants feet are often in bad shape because of their walks in the jungle.

Interacting, feeding and playing with the elephants is fun but he wants tourists to learn about elephant care.

Dumbo Elephant Spa was born with the intention to rehabilitate the elephants.

At the elephant spa, the objective is to create a family environment where visitors can relax in the jungle with the Elephants.

Education is key to the survival of the Thai elephant. The more people know about elephants the more success the elephants will have in population growth.
We ask that when you go home, not only share your photos and stories, but also help spread the education to others. Education can save the Thai elephant. Used properly, tourism can be very beneficial.
For centuries, humans have relied on the benefits of elephants. Now, elephants are relying on humans for their survival and existence.