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Living the Green Life at Museflower Retreat & Spa, Chiang Rai’s First Holistic Wellness Haven




CHIANG RAI – On a typical morning at Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, you’ll find a fitness class in progress as the morning sun breaks through the dreamy mist. In the gentle green countryside, the yoga class takes place in an airy studio overlooking a peaceful lake. Just on the other side of the lake, the bending, stretching yoga students can see the figures of gardeners moving among long green rows of vegetables in the organic farm.

An aproned cook emerges from the field and crosses a charming little handmade bamboo bridge carrying a basket full of freshly picked salad leaves. She makes her way down the pebble path towards the kitchen to prepare the farm-to-table vegetarian meal that the yoga students and resort guests will be eating after class.3_Museflower_RetreatSpa_cycling_over_lake_bridge_grounds

It’s a tranquil scene that reflects the easy going, close-to-nature life in northern Thailand, the sort of organic, eco-living scene that some urban office workers might idly dream about as they hunch over their computers eating a processed fast-food meal at their desk.

This is daily life at Museflower Retreat & Spa, where complimentary daily fitness classes are part of the all-inclusive room rate, and guests are invited to literally dig in and participate in planting vegetables in the organic farm, which in return earns them discounts in the spa and gift shop. The resort’s young founder and director Tania Ho can often be found in the kitchen exploring new vegetarian recipes with her kitchen staff, or experimenting with home-made organic natural cleaning products when she’s not in her office taking bookings, answering emails, and running the operations of the 16-room resort.

Museflower Retreat & Spa may be small and young, but it holds the grand distinction of being Chiang Rai’s first all-inclusive vegetarian and holistic wellness retreat & spa, offering professional, international wellness and spa services at value-for-money prices.Gallery-yoga2-museflower_Retreat_spa_yoga_posture_correction

Spread across nearly 12 acres of wooded land encompassing a lake, organic farm and fruit trees, flower gardens and grounds, Museflower is a holistic sanctuary offering yoga, wellness, healing and creative retreats. While Chiang Rai does have other spa offerings in the form of luxury hotel spas, local massage houses and even a rehab center, Museflower Retreat & Spa is in its own niche, conceived to be a community place that nurtures creativity and promotes well-being through classes, workshops, courses and wellness therapies in a holistic environment. It is also a normal hotel welcoming all guests who like a relaxed, green-living lifestyle.

With Thailand known for its famous spas and wellness retreats in popular beach destinations like Koh Samui, why did Tania choose Chiang Rai to set up Museflower?

It was her own personal healing journey that led the Hong Kong native to create this holistic retreat in Chiang Rai. After graduating with a degree in hotel management from prestigious Cornell University in New York, Tania worked at Six Senses Resorts in Thailand. And then a drastic event changed the course of her life.

“My father passed away suddenly four years ago when I was 25. It is a shock and a wake-up call to me that life is too short, and we have to make the most out of it. I resigned from my job after my dad passed away to return to my family in Hong Kong. At that time I knew that I wanted to start my own spa but didn’t know where and how. I came to Chiang Rai to participate in a healing retreat twice after that, and had a dream that I would support a retreat center project here in Chiang Rai, to help other people the way these retreats helped me. I wanted to pass that type of help on to other people. And this is what eventually became Museflower Retreat.”Gallery-Food1-museflower_Retreat_spa_soul_food_corner_menu_sign

Museflower features a spa, cozy guest cottages, yoga and meditation studios, dining room, Himalayan Salt Crystal swimming pool, private lake, on-site organic farm, biking and nature walks. Museflower focuses on sustainable, green practices such as energy-saving solar power, chemical-free organic products, aquaponic vegetables, and supporting the local community by sourcing locally as much as possible, among other practices.

“My focus has always been in spa management and wellness, “ says Tania. “ The founders of Six Senses Spas, Sonu and Eva, inspired me a lot with their Balancing Senses and Slow Life philosophy. They have successfully implemented sustainable green practices in luxury resorts, and they are true visionaries to bring the concept of Slow Life into practice, both in the spas and the resorts.”

Affordability and value-for-money are also key aspects of Museflower’s offerings. A one-night stay ranges from THB 1,980 to THB 3,180 per person per night (depending on the room type), which includes three buffet vegetarian meals per day and one wellness activity daily, such as yoga, Tai Chi, or a cycling tour. There are a range of affordably priced retreat programs and promotions throughout the year.2_Museflower_RetreatSpa_bungalow_cottages_pond

“There are many great destination spas and health spa resorts in Thailand, but most of them are luxury resorts with high-end prices. This can make it out of reach for some people who need some wellness support or emotional support and simply want holistic healing without all the luxury surroundings or the luxury price tag. We aim to provide a more casual and relaxing setting, allowing our guests to reconnect back to nature, enjoy fresh air, clean vegetarian food, simple living, and ultimately reconnect back to themselves,” says Tania.

Museflower is conscious of sustainability, giving to charity, and engaging with the local community. It supports charity events that are linked to wellness, such as a recent World Yoga Day event attended by the local community to raise funds for World Yoga’s TARA Project to help educate children in need. Museflower also participates in global eco-conscious events such as Earth Hour on March 28th, switching off all unnecessary lights from 8.30 to 9.30 pm and inviting staff and guests to enjoy a stargazing picnic on its bamboo pier.

Although newly launched only last September, Museflower is gaining a following of international wellness-conscious, nature-loving followers from many countries. Initially guests came mostly from nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and expats living in Thailand. Recently guests from the US and Europe have been coming as well. It also offers hosting for corporate retreats and teachers who are looking for affordable facilities to teach creative workshops and seminars such as yoga, creative writing or photography workshops.

There are plenty of attractive reasons to draw guests and travellers to both Chiang Rai and Museflower. “I like Chiang Rai because it has both a city and countryside to it,” says Tania. “The city is convenient and has its own international airport. At the same time, everything is very spaced out and not congested and there is still a lot of green here. There’s unique local culture and landscape. The weather is another reason; there’s a distinct change of seasons and the cool season is so refreshing and comfortable here.”

Museflower Retreat & Spa is a peaceful escape for city dwellers who want to get away from urban chaos for a spot of vegetarian eco-living. What other hotel has an on-site organic farm where guests can dig in and help grow their own veggies? “Connecting to nature is healing,” says Tania.

By Morning Glory

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