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How to Find Affordable Flights to Shanghai China for 2021



Travel, How to Find Affordable Flights to Hong Kong for 2021

For those who are keen to explore new destinations like Hong Kong, travel flights should never stop despite the pandemic, however it cost costs money to move around, and one of the most important things that can help is yo finding the best offer.

If you want to fly into China all the time, you can’t wait for holidays or off-season. Most major airlines offer special fares. At any time of the year, all you have to do is follow these simple tips every time you book a flight.

Start looking early for flights:

If you are used to the flight booking process with Cathay Pacific, then you already know that as the departure date approaches, air tickets tend to become more expensive, so please start to figure out how prices go up and down. There will always be a sweet spot. When the price is reasonable, you need to spot that golden stain and hit it accordingly. I usually book a ticket 2-3 months before the trip proves that you are the best.

Choose a flexible date:

You may come across some websites that claim to save you a lot of money by booking flights on Tuesdays or working days, but this is not always the case. A whole month. This will give you a clear idea of ​​which days are best for your travel destination. Where can I see the price for the current month? you can try it on the website or mobile application such as Cathay Pacific.

All you have to do is to enter the departure and arrival locations. First, check the one-way fare. Click Finish, instead of entering the date, select the entire month. , Click “Find Flights” and you will know when the fares are available. Now follow the steps above to return to the flight to get the fare. When booking a ticket on your mobile phone, you can check the price list and book the corresponding ticket.

Choose your flights flexibly:

If you can’t fly flexibly, at least you should choose where you want to go. It’s better to have both, but if you really want to save more money on your trip and get flights, you need to be flexible in choosing at least one of them.

The airline’s search engine allows you to easily find air tickets around the world. You no longer need to manually search city by city, day after day. Websites such as Cathay Pacific have browsing tools that you can use to go to local airports and view a map of the world with all flights.

This makes it easy to compare multiple travel destinations without having to consider all possible options. Chances are you will even find some interesting places that you haven’t been to.

Book in the Goldilocks window:

There is a lot of wrong information about the best time to book a flight. Many people claim that it is 1:00 pm on Tuesday. Or Sunday morning. If I achieve something during my short stay on Earth, it will persuade travelers to stop believing in such nonsense. This is not the case, it will not help you get affordable flights, and you may pay more on your next trip anyway.

App Exclusives:

One day, while surfing the Internet, I saw an ad that said “exclusive app offers”. I clicked on it and it said: “Book your first flight anywhere and get $200,” It’s a great deal! Believe it or not, I got a discount of $200 when I checked out.

Correct! We did some research and found that almost all airlines and even travel agencies try to get travelers to download their mobile apps. An application that provides exclusive lists for new users. Try to download such apps and take advantage of the fact that this is your first time using them.

Best flight days:

Frequent flying people may already know this, but the start of the week may be the best flight time. The demand for weekend flights is usually high. The average price for Saturday flights is higher. Therefore, if you have to fly into Shanghai on weekends, you can check the offers in advance.

Direct flights:

Again-flexibility is the key. If you want to save a lot of money, you can go beyond just changing the date and destination-route flexibility can help you save more.

We understand: You want to fly as many direct flights as possible. We do the same. Although this may seem counterintuitive, sometimes an extra stop on the way to the destination will bring a lot of rewards and it is worth a try. Especially when you cross the ocean.

Book directly on the airline website:

We know that it is much easier to search for flights on websites such as Cathay Pacific, but if you book here, you will end up paying more. It is best to use the airline’s website to make a reservation. In addition, you can also get other discount options, such as military discounts, group travel discounts.

Plan ahead:

To prepare your itinerary at least 10-12 weeks in advance, check the fares carefully on various websites, book tickets 78 weeks in advance because in most cases prices will start to rise after six weeks. Most of the time, I can use these booking techniques when trying to find the best flight to Europe.

Set a price reminder:

The searches for flights in advance without booking a flight today, because the price will increase only if you wait until the last minute to buy. You can set up price reminders to notify you when the fare goes up or down. Ticket prices fluctuate every day, and if you have to buy a ticket for each family member, even a small offer can give you a better flight.

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