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Hot Air Balloon Flight Or Helicopter Ride In Melbourne



Balloon Flight Or Helicopter Ride In Melbourne

Enjoying the top view of the city landscape is one of the best ways to explore Melbourne. After all, who would want to witness the first sunrise from above the mountains and be surrounded by a beautiful view.

However, in the end, it all comes down to your experience. And two of the best ways to make the most of this experience are choosing between a hot air balloon flight and a helicopter ride. Both are adventurous ways to enjoy the sunrise and city landscape with your loved ones. You should inquire about the prices and book helicopter rides or hot air balloon rides in Melbourne.

Helicopter rides are also available for adventure lovers and you will get an unforgettable experience of a helicopter flight. Helicopter and hot air balloon rides allow you to get a quick overview of the city. If you have less time and want to utilize sightseeing in Melbourne city, these adventurous activities are your best option. But which will give you the best experience? Let’s learn more about both options.

  • Helicopter flight experience

Helicopter flight will fly over the Melbourne CBD and allow you to view the most beautiful landmark. You will also see the Melbourne star, Marvel Stadium, Eureka Tower and Port Phillip Bay.

There are spectacular views at St. Kilda and Luna Park by flying low. You can enjoy a scenic view of the sun rising on the horizon and ships arriving at the dock port.

The sunrise helicopter tour will fly over the Melbourne beach location. You can view the best morning light over the shadow of the beach boxes lying over Port Phillip Bay. The pilot will fly you towards the hidden history at Sandringham Marina. There is a Sunken Submarine from World War I, and you can view it before a U-turn that takes you back to the coast.

On the way back, you can view Melbourne’s sports precinct, which includes the views of Yarra river. The amazing aerial views are the best in Melbourne city. You cannot forget the best flight experience of a helicopter throughout your life.

  • What is included in helicopter flight experience?

The best time to experience helicopter or hot air balloon rides is the early morning. You can view the sun rising and the city shining in the light golden sun rays.

  • Reach the airport – To experience the helicopter ride, you must arrive at Essendon airport. After reaching the airport, your pilot of the concerned ride will explain all the safety rules while riding. It is essential to get the most out of your helicopter flight. You can also ask questions related to the ride, and the professionals will clarify all the doubts related to the path.
  • Boarding flight – You can walk out for the tarmac to board the helicopter and get ready to take some beautiful shots. By this time, you can also capture yourself with a helicopter and distant sunrise with the city skyline.
  • Take off – The flight takes off from the airport, and you are up towards Melbourne city. You can spot sunrise behind the Dandenong ranges of Yarra valley.
  • Hot air balloon flight experience

The hot air balloon is the best experience you can remember for your whole life. A sunrise view and a top view of Melbourne city can be an amazing gift for your partner. A total hot air balloon ride takes about 4 hours to experience the ride to a maximum extent. It includes the time taken from hotel departure to the end of the balloon flight.

The hot air balloon team will help you to get perfect safety tips and provide instructions. You can ask various questions about the ride, path and directions that you can expect in your ride.

You can take some beautiful photos of the landscape and yourself with the sunrise view during the ride. It is important to make arrangements for taking aerial photographs. Enjoy the 360-degree views from hot air balloons and get an amazing experience.

You can ask about the gift vouchers, photographs, video packages and champagne breakfast in the air. Get the best sunrise experience at reasonable and affordable prices. The hot air balloon is the best experience in your life, and you can enjoy the calm ride with your loved ones. Hot air ballooning in Melbourne provides you with an opportunity to capture the top view of the city.

  • What are the flight costs of a hot air balloon and helicopter rides?

It is best to inquire about the prices of hot air balloons and the helicopter. You can enjoy the sunrise helicopter flight in Melbourne at just $399, and Melbourne hot air balloon prices start at $499. Ask about the schemes, packages and offers available with the company.

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