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Doi Chaang Coffee, Travelling from the Top of a Mountain to Your Coffee Cup



Doi Chaang coffee beans have a unique aroma, balanced acidity, and low caffeine content, and it is accredited as a World Class Specialty Coffee

CHIANG RAI – Travelling from the top of a mountain to a coffee cup, Doi Chaang Coffee is justifiably famous for its single-origin, high quality Arabica coffee that is planted and produced in Baan Doi Chang, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai.

Its coffee beans have a unique aroma, balanced acidity, and low caffeine content, and it is accredited as a World Class Speciality Coffee through various certifications, including USDA Organic, EU Organic Farming, EU Geographical Indication, and the Specialty Coffee Association that have guaranteed its premium quality.

With the concept “From Earth to Cup”, the brand is driven by Phitsanuchai Kaewphichai, co-founder and business adviser, who uses his wine production knowledge to make the brand different from the others on a market.

The process starts with selecting excellent coffee varieties and follows on through planting, selective hand picking to wet fermentation to generate the unique flavour.

“Coffee growers choose to harvest red, ripe coffee cherries through selective hand picking. Freshly harvested coffee cherries will be placed in water tanks to sort out unripe, overripe, and inferior cherries. Then, they will start pulping cherries immediately within the first 24 hours in order to maintain quality and freshness,” Phitsanuchai said.

“After that they will start the 7-8-4 process which means seven days of natural sun drying after the fermentation process, eight months of storing dry beans in clean ventilated sacks under a high altitude weather controlled warehouse, and four rounds of bean sorting – a sifter, high speed electronic sorter, ensure optimal grading, and final stage of hand sorting. After these processes, the coffee beans will be ready for roasting and further distribution.”

With such a delicate and meticulous production process, coffee lovers can ensure that they will get the finest delicious brew in the final cup. Doi Chaang Coffee is also a pride of Hill Tribes Thai coffee growers as their coffee is the first Thai Arabica coffee to find a place on the world coffee map and is equivalent to other famous coffee countries.

“Unlike Brazil and Colombia, Thailand is not really known for its coffee. Previously, people did not believe that Thailand could grow premium Arabica coffee. That scepticism then became our challenge since we know that Baan Doi Chang is one of the prime areas in the world for growing high quality Arabica coffee,” Phitsanuchai added.

“Today, Doi Chaang Coffee has become one of the world’s finest coffees made from the village of Doi Chang, Thailand. We sell both domestically and to international market, which includes Canada, USA, England, Romania, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Lao, Cambodia, and Myanmar.”

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