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Chiang Rai Welcomes High Season as Cold Weather Approaches




From 13-16 October, temperatures in Chiang Rai are expected to drop by 3-5 degrees Celsius

CHIANG RAI – Thai and foreign tourists swarm into Chiang Rai as winter is about to arrive. There will be musical performances and food fairs organized on the province’s main walking street to attract tourists.

Deputy mayor of the Chiang Rai municipality Bang-on Malidin said the municipality was preparing to organize the 11th flower fair and the 2015 Thin Thai Ngam beauty pageant this high season to stimulate the province’s tourism. There would be many more festivals and tourism events to take place in winter this year for tourists to enjoy, said Ms. Bag-on.

From 13-16 October, temperatures in Chiang Rai are expected to drop by 3-5 degrees Celsius, resulting in cold weather and strong winds. The lowest temperature is forecast to be 17-22 degrees Celsius.

Chiang Rai is 1280 ft above sea level. The addition of grassy plains, jungle canopies, and rivers generally keep the valley cooler than surrounding regions.The annual average temperature is 25 º C and there are three main seasons in Chiang Rai and all of them tend to offer much lower humidity than the rest of Thailand.  It is not unusual for most days to have some sunshine even in the rainy season.
The Cool Season: Daytime temperatures greatly contrast with the evening during the cool season. The cool season begins in late October and ends in February. The morning averages 21 º C, but the nighttime can drop an additional 10 to 15 degrees. December and January are the coldest winter months in Chiang Rai.  If your hotel has a swimming pool, expect it to be cold, typically 20 º C.

The Hot Season: It can run between March and May. The daily temperature in March is 27 º C and late May rises to 36 º. Since April is the warmest month of the year, try to visit Chiang Rai during the transition from the cool season to the hot season. Early March offers refreshing weather. Swimming pools tend to be warmer from late March onwards.

The Monsoon Season:
This is a particularly misty time of year though most days will feature some sunshine.  August & September may be a good time to visit as the air is fresh and views are good. Normally in the Wet Season it rains in the afternoon, evening and night time but just for an hour or two. It is very seldom any daylong rains and the worst rain is mid July to mid August.  The city very seldom has any serious flooding. The monsoons start in May and end in October. Pack an umbrella, raincoat and track the weather reports for outdoor activities. Aside from the rain, the weather is quite mild. The average temperature hovers at 25 ª C and swimming pools are comfortable.

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