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Chiang Rai Begins to Attract Tourists

Chiang Rai Begins to Attract Tourists



Chiang Rai Begins to Attract Tourists

Chiang Rai has been away from the eye of tourists for a while, but it looks like the city is ready to roar as one of the hottest tourist destinations in Thailand due to the presence of natural views, rivers and jungles in the surrounding is what makes it a desirable vacation place for many tourists.

Chiang Rai revenue from January to August in 2017 reached almost 1.19 trillion THB. That was a 7.47% increase in revenue compared to last year’s 8 months. Moreover, the earnings that Chiang Rai earns from tourism accounts for 12% of Thailand’s total GDP.

One of the main reasons for tourists to come to this city is because it is cheaper than other cities in the country, but has a lot more to offer:

Cheaper Chiang Rai Attracts Tourists

Accommodation: The cheapest room one can book for a night in Chiang Rai is only 150 baht ($4.5). However, in case of wanting all the luxuries such as a swimming pool, delicious high quality food, gym etc., then the cost can be between 1500 to 2000 baht ($40-$60), which is still pretty cheap. The most expensive hotel in Chiang Rai is the Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Anantara. It costs around 120,000 baht ($3622)  per night.

Food: Reports say that a majority of tourists turn to Chiang Rai because of the fingerlicking food it offers. The quality of food is said to be even better than Bangkok and is much cheaper as well. Eating at a fancy restaurant costs between 100 to 200 ($3 to $6) baht per meal. Also, one can have 3 beers under just 90 baht ($2.7).

Travelling: One of the most important aspects of tourism is travelling. In case of Chiang Rai, it is very cheap. There are hundreds of buses, taxis and tuk tuks in which tourists love to travel. Buses charge 10 to 20 baht ($0.30 to $0.60) for 20-40 kms. Taxis charge 30 baht ($.090) for every 2 kms and then there’s addition of 5 baht for every 10 kms travelled. As for tuk tuks, they charge 10 ($0.30) baht per km.

This is one of the major reasons why tourists love visiting Chiang Rai because travelling, food and accommodation is a lot cheaper compared to other countries and cities.

What Attracts Tourists To Chiang Rai?

The culture, sights and hospitality of the city is commendable.

Cultural Cuisine: A lot of tourists expressed their love for the food available in Chiang Rai as they get to enjoy Thai culture,too. Khantoke dinner is the most popular where food is served in large platters and eaten on low tables with the person on the floor.

Thai Massage: Many tourists love to get Thai massages because they are cheap and effective. You can also try yoga or meditation here and find the difference between the two.

Doi Pha Mee: A community of hospitable people who allow tourists into their lives and let them live a few days in their village. The accommodation options are amazing and the sights offered by the village are heartwarming.

Other than these, there are many more places and activities to do in Chiang Rai. Tourists can visit the Elephant Nature Park, Wat Rong khun, Wat Phra Kaew, Phu Chi Fa etc.

The government has been working for a while to make this city a hot destination for tourists, and looks like it has finally succeeded in doing so.