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Bangkok Is Named The World’s Best City For A Luxury Budget Vacation



Bangkok Is Named The World's Best City For A Luxury Budget Vacation

(CTN News) – Luxury international vacations are always sought after, but budget plays a crucial role in planning one. Luxury resorts, world-class services, and car rentals are all expensive. According to the British website, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a backpacker’s paradise!

Reports Suggest Bangkok For Budget Luxury Experience

According to the report, Thailand’s capital offers the world’s most affordable luxury travel experience. Car rentals, luxury resorts/hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and best-in-class services – Bangkok has it all.

A Mercedes-Benz rental for one day in Bangkok costs $59 (INR 4588), while fine dining in Bangkok costs $150 (INR 11665). It will cost about $295 (INR 22942) to stay in a 5-star hotel here, which is quite affordable.

Bangkok also offers some incredible resorts, hotels, and villas that one can stay in without spending a fortune! Brussels ranked second on the list of most affordable cities for luxury vacations on a budget.

Belgium’s capital city, Brussels, is known around the world for its chocolate and crafted beer. A five-star hotel here could cost around $680 (INR 52884), making it Europe’s cheapest destination. A luxury car in Brussels could cost $150 (INR 11665) a day.

The beautiful Italian city of Verona was ranked 3rd in the report. The average cost of a spa hotel in Verona is $177 (INR 13765) per night, which is the second-cheapest rate in the survey.

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