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Airbnb Draws Up New Guidelines for Landlords in Thailand

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Airbnb has provided new guidelines for managing short-term rental in Thailand to support the growth of the tourism industry, Airbnb Head of Public Policy, Southeast Asia, Mich Goh said on Monday.

The guidelines are based on Expedition Strategies’ research in 2018. It found that 88 per cent of Thai people promote property owners to open accommodation for rent. While 89 per cent tend to use the short-term rental service, and 84 per cent believed that short term rental is beneficial in order to attract tourists to travel and spend in their communities.

The owner and related partners should work closely to enable tourists to register online making it smoother and providing a high-level of security,” Goh said.

“Rental terms should be categorised by type of accommodation such as room, house, or commercial accommodation to ensure the fullest use, and the penalties for the guests with unwanted behavior should be fair, though these cases are rare,” she added,

A survey conducted last year showed that Airbnb owners and guests in Thailand have generated revenue for local economies of more than Bt33.8 billion, and 46 per cent of guests said that they spend in the areas near their accommodation.

Airbnb recently has launched a new campaign to promote new tourist attractions in Thailand such as Buri Ram.

News Source: The Nation, Airbnb


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