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7 Days Traveling from Vietnam to Thailand Despite the Pandemic



7 Days Traveling from Vietnam to Thailand Despite the Pandemic

Currently, tourists have very little choices when it comes to places for travelling, due to the pandemic situation around the globe. However, travellers can find such places that have good tourist spots, destinations and adventures to have a fun time while travelling even from Vietnam to Thailand.

Anyway, in the new normal, it is also important to know how the covid situation in that country is and how well the country is managing the pandemic, to ensure tourist’s and their families’ safety. South east Asia is a region which has emerged as a tourist attraction due to the pandemic. It has a lot of nice and pleasant tourist spots and a lot of activities to do, while the covid situation is controlled.

Check out the tours of Southeast Asia  countries to see what are the amazing things they have to offer.

Highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand:

This tour is very famous as it includes all the most outstanding places that tourists want to visit as well as all the exciting and fascinating activities to join in. Let’s begin with a visit to the most breathtaking place of Vietnam: Halong Bay. The stunning views of the World Natural Heritage will probably adore you and through this tour, you will get a chance to stay on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay.

The next destination of Hoi An Ancient town that you will visit is so popular in Vietnam with an old architecture of Japanese, Chinese and European cultures and styles. The ancient buildings will give more clarity about the history of the town. After visiting the ancient town representing the old urban life of Vietnam, you will witness the contrast of the country with its rural life in the Mekong Delta.

It is the place where most of the agriculture production of Vietnam takes place, therefore, you get to know and communicate with the locals and get to know about their day to day habits.

Coming to Cambodia, you can get the opportunity to go shopping in the most unique and traditional way. You will go to the floating market on a little local boat and deal with shopkeepers in the middle of water. You can buy fresh local fruits and other hand made products, which are very popular.

In the following days, you will travel to Phnom Penh, the city of a lot of beautiful and exquisite buildings with amazing architecture. There is a list of religious sites in Cambodia, which includes Silver Pagoda and Wat Phnom. At Wat Phnom, there are stairs that lead to the top of the hill from where you can see the sight of the whole city.

The final part of the tour will be in the bustling city of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. You will tour the city for one full day and visit the Grand Palace, the First University of Thailand and the Flower and vegetable market. The following day is about exploring the Authaya, an ancient city of Thailand with full of religious temples and statues.

There are also a couple of free days on this tour so you can spend the day with your family according to your own wish.

Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Discovery:

In this tour, a short stay in Laos gives you a chance to have an amazing time to explore the Pak Ou Caves in LuangPrabang. These caves date back to the 16th century and were home to Budda images and statues. The next destination to Kuang Si Waterfall will surely give you a lot of excitement. The fall looks like in a real fairy tale that the water is so beautiful and the view is so gorgeous. It is guaranteed that you will have one of the best sights on this tour.

The next country you will visit on this tour is Vietnam. The tour gives you the opportunity to visit the famous Halong Bay and stay one night on the cruise with so many interesting activities like kayaking, Vietnamese food cooking, squid fishing or cave visiting.

You will also have city tours at Hue, Hanoi and Hoi An to witness the culture and traditions of the cities. A city of great history in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. In the past, it was known as Saigon. It had great economic importance to the Chinese, Japanese and the Europeans as merchants used to travel along the Saigon River.

Another stop will be in Cambodia. Firstly, you will explore Siem Reap, one of the most famous tourist destinations of Cambodia. In the afternoon, you will get to ride in a TukTuk and have a great time as you explore the whole city. A visit to the Angkor National Museum will tell you the long histories, and make you understand more about the country.

The final part of the tour is in Thailand. There will be a couple of days when you will visit Budda and Hindu temples that are very important in their religion. Moreover, you will also get a chance to come to the Ban Sao Nak ancient house. The house is admired for its architecture and exterior designs of about 150 years old, and is now used for tourism purposes. It stands with 116 pillars and has a unique, but soothing design on the outside.

Come to Chiang Mai, you will have a nice, relaxing dinner, with live cultural music performances.

Here are some of the Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand tours that are reasonable in price and also have several tourist attractions that are breathtaking, and well known too. Moreover, traveling these tours, beside the regular needed papers and insurances, you can get a Covid-19 insurance so you can be 100% protected. These tours have a mixture of urban and rural essence, and also natural sights that are soothing to the eyes, so that you and your family have a wonderful time.



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