5 Thailand Destinations for an Unforgettable Honeymoon


 5 Thailand Destinations for an Unforgettable Honeymoon



Thailand, home to tropical beaches, historic sites, and sultry resorts, is a tourist hotspot that tingles with romance and adventure. This explains why each year, new couples leave everything they’ve known behind just to get a taste of the legendary Thailand honeymoon.

If you’ve just gotten hitched and are looking to enjoy a magical honeymoon in luxurious hideaways, there are tons of Thailand destinations that can make your dreams come true.

Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we? Whip out your travel planner, slap on your hats, and let’s get down to brass tacks.

Top Thailand Destinations for a Magical Honeymoon


Whether you’re a local or you’ve never been to Thailand before, you’ve probably heard about Phuket. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is an excellent choice for couples who want to get an authentic island experience.

Featuring upscale restaurants, exotic seaside resorts, and of course, beautiful turquoise water, Phuket offers visitors a magical scenery that’s even better than what we see in the movies and depictions.

In Phuket, you can easily lounge on one of its famous beaches such as Patong or go snorkelling if you prefer a more hands-on activity. If you’d also like to get a taste of Thailand culture, there are tons of cultural shows and activities on display. There’s also the Phuket Elephant‘s Sanctuary for tourists who love animals and would want to see elephants up close.

We recommend visiting this exotic island between December to March as the weather is usually most favourable during these months.

Chiang Mai

As a newlywed, chances are that you need a serene, non-disruptive vacation with your partner. If this is the case, then the vibrant city of Chiang Mai is an excellent option to consider.

Chiang Mai means “New City” and is a sister town to Chiang Rai, the former capital of the Mengrai Dynasty. Featuring a blissful, laid-back atmosphere, this city offers you the best of both worlds: city vibes without the noise that most large cities are known for.

Although Chiang Mai is quite serene, this doesn’t mean that there are no interesting activities you could try out. For starters, you can go cliff jumping at the Grand Canyon of Thailand or enjoy a hot air balloon ride with your partner. You could also visit Bua Tong waterfalls and climb up the top of a waterfall.

Hat Yai

Going shopping, enjoying the culture assessment of almost all the companies here and returning home with souvenirs is one of the most exciting bits of a honeymoon. Want to explore the local Thai markets and malls? We give to you: Hat Yai.

There are several ways to describe the bustling city of Hat Yai but the aptest description would be: Mini Bangkok.

This busy city is the commercial hub of Thailand and is the perfect destination for couples who want to have a shopping adventure and end up with souvenirs.

Here, you get to explore the floating market, taste the exquisite street food and take advantage of some of the best discount deals available.

Hua Hin

Originally a quiet fishing village, Hua Hin is a beautiful destination that offers tourists a unique blend of nature and city life. As such, it’s the perfect destination for couples who want a quiet retreat with a little glimpse of adventure.

Between March to May, the climate in Hua Hin is usually warm and is perfect for beach lounging and swimming. However, if you’re not a huge summer fan, you might want to visit in August or September.

Despite its seemingly quiet nature, Hua Hin holds a lot of exciting possibilities for couples and tourists. For instance, you can get a taste of authentic Thai cuisine by going on a food tour and sampling local delicacies. You could also visit the mystical Phraya Nak on Cave and discover the mysterious secrets that lie within. It all depends on what your idea of fun is.


We certainly can’t end this list without mentioning Bangkok, the heart of Thailand. Bangkok offers a variety of experiences to tourists and honeymooning couples. Want a shopping experience or a quiet dinner cruise? You name it.

In Bangkok, you can enjoy the bustling nightlife by checking out the night markets and nightclubs within the city. You could also go on a romantic sunset dinner cruise with your partner and simply live in the moment.

Whatever your needs are, Bangkok can certainly fulfil them.

Final Thoughts

Looking to go on a romantic honeymoon in Thailand with the love of your life? The destinations we’ve outlined above will help ensure that you have a magical experience. If you’re looking for that authentic island experience that you’ve heard about in travel guides, you should certainly visit Phuket. Otherwise, the other options are also excellent choices that will give you a dream honeymoon.

Have fun!

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