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5 Books Every Traveller Should Read Before Exploring Thailand



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There’s no denying that Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There’s no other country like it, nor one that feels so alive and thriving. Thailand’s cities are dense with culture, and the natural wonderlands are simply perfect. It’s a paradise, and there are tons of opportunities to have adventures of your own.

Before you book your ticket and head out, however, why not treat yourself to an exclusive taste of Thailand through some of the amazing literature that’s based around such a famous country. Before your trip, take a pre-vacation in your mind with these five books that will help nurture your love for this south-Asian wonderland.

  1. Private Dancer

Bangkok is, of course, one of the most well-known cities in Thailand, but while you may have an image in your head of what the city is like already, this is the book you’re going to want to read, so you can see it from an entirely new perspective.

Written by Stephen Leather, you’ll see the City of Angel’s sex industry from the inside out as the story follows a traveler to the city who falls in love with a pole dancer. There are so many twists and turns in this book so that I won’t give anything away, but it’s beautifully portrayed.

  1. The Beach

The absolute mayhem tale of The Beach is one of my all-time favorite stories and was made into a chart-topping movie featuring a very young Leonardo DiCaprio. Both the movie and book are worth checking out. The story follows Richard, your typical backpacking 20-something who’s looking for adventure in Thailand.

He comes across a map that leads him to a commune based on a remote island of the coast, home to the beautiful beach in which the book gets its name. It’s paradisiacal and beautiful, but not everything is as it seems. After all, good things can’t last forever. A fantastic look into relationships, a detachment from reality as we know it, and a look into secret places that definitely exist on this planet.

  1. The Sad Part Was

Written by Prabda Yoon, is a translated book taken from Yoon’s classic, award-winning selection back in 2000. This is one of his most intimate and revealing books, based in Thailand, and dives deep into the fermenting thoughts that ordinary people tend to have in their heads.

A very relatable and awe-inspiring read that will definitely make you think about how others think and will give you a ton of perspective on how the mind works. A fantastic page-turner, and one of the most highly rated books on our list. It’s easy to see why the book has stood the test of time and lasted up until the present day, and has been enjoyed all over the world!

  1. Bangkok 8

Bangkok 8 isn’t actually just one book, but rather the first in a series of six. It’s a high-octane thriller that takes you all around the back streets of Bangkok, giving you another unique perspective, you won’t have seen before. It’s all about a cop trying to find revenge for the murder of his partner.

Teaming up with FBI agent Jones, the love interest of this story, don’t think this is just another love story. The story twists into some much deeper and darker places, especially when the duo something sinister is afoot. This is one of the most exotic and edgy novels you’ll ever read! Simply divine!

  1. The Bridge Over the River Kwai

By Pierre Boulle. Perhaps the oldest book about Thailand on our list since it was written all the way back in 1942, this is a tale that follows a prisoner of war during World War II. This is a very intimate tale that goes deep inside the mind of the prisoner, sharing the experiences he was going through.

The story takes place during a time where the Japanese were trying to take Burma away from Thailand. After you read this, you’re going to want to add this bridge to your itinerary since it will blow you away. This book was also made into an older movie a few years after its release!


Katherine Rundell is a writer at Essay Help service. She writes about Thailand and is an avid reader of all books. She loves travel and can’t think of anything better than exploring a foreign country by day, and relaxing with a good book by night.

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