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5 Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand in 2022

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Thailand is now a trend in travel destinations. With so many amazing places in Thailand, it can be quite intense for one of you who is the first visitor.

Are you confused about which places you must go to in Thailand?

Here, I am going to present the top five amazing places that you should go to explore the beautiful beaches with blue seas and soft sand.

Would you like to experiment with foods? Thailand is ready with spicy cuisine.

Thailand has an interesting history, and it is such a vibrant country that it can easily overwhelm you.

Gathering the information and reviews from real travelers, I have put down the top five places in one bucket for you!

1. Bangkok, Central Thailand

Central Thailand, Bangkok & Hua Hin – Paradises

When you visit another country, you must go to that country’s capital. For information, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

With a gigantic reposing Buddha at Wat Pho, Bangkok is the place where your journey in Thailand will likely begin.

Bangkok is the home of renowned architecture where you start astonishing the hang of Thailand’s unique culture.

After reaching Bangkok, you can spend your first night in Thailand exploring the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho while enjoying crunchy cheap, and stunning tasty street food in Bangkok’s Chinatown. It is famous for spicy Thai street food.

At night, you can enjoy rooftop bars with your companions and get a glimpse of what Bangkok is all about.

Don’t forget to explore the old city area; it carries collages of the ancient cities. This is one of the Places to visit in Thailand.

If you come with a number of days, I can suggest spending 4-5 days in Bangkok to see everything. Try all kinds of food and negotiate with native people to get to know about their culture.

Trying to learn some frequent Thai phrases which they have used that help you throughout your journey in Thailand.

I believe that this is a great experience to learn another language from the native people. Language and culture make you an efficient person as well.

2. Doi Inthanon, Northern Thailand

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand in 2022

If you have an interest in climbing up the hill. So this is the best place for you. Doi Inthanon (8,415 ft), located a few feet from Chiang Mai, is the highest mountain in Thailand.

Can you imagine the bird view from the mountain?


It is one of the Places to visit in Thailand. It always carries kind weather. In the national park of Doi Inthanon, you can find Wachirathan Waterfall and Mae Ya Waterfall in Chiang Mai.

With several waterfalls, Doi has a number of hikes that you can try, and for the information, one of the best hikes is the Kew Mae Pan trail. Around the sea of clouds, you can engage yourself with a core of nature.

3. Mae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand: Everything you Need to Know

Thailand also gives you an amazing road trip by Mae Hong Son Loop. This is the best road trip that you can ever do in Thailand. From the starting point to the endpoint, it’s a 600 km long road trip. This is the northern side of Thailand.

With breathtaking scenery, Mae Hong Son Loop can give you the pleasure and peaceful times that you are trying to find with your loved one.

There are so many places to visit, such as Mae Sariang, a remote town beside the bank of the Yuam River, and the Mae Hong Son Capital City, where you can see Burmese-style temples and the Mexican Sunflower Field around the several hills as much as your eye can see.

On the other hand, there are two more places, Pai and Baan Rak Thai, a town that the Chinese influence. This is one of the places to visit in Thailand

4. Krabi Town

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand in 2022

This place gives you a boat experience. You can stay on a boat in Krabi town. This is an Island and Krabi Town, which gives you a beach experience. You can spend the time like typical Thai people.

There are so many places where visitors go to relax. If you plan to relax by the beach, drink coconut water and enjoy the beach lifestyle.

Believe me!

This is an appropriate place to test beach life.

Ao Nang Beach and Railey Beach are the most appreciated beaches in Thailand and offer swimming in the blue ocean with rock climbing and hiking.

5. Chiang Rai

15 Best Things To Do In Chiang Rai (Thailand) In 2022

It is another canton on the Northern side of Thailand. It seems lonely as well as peaceful. You may think that there is nothing to do.

But, the place has so many more things to offer than your expectations. If you love the peace of mountains, this is absolutely your place.

This is the Specialty of Chiang Rai

One more interesting thing that you will see in Chiang Rai is White Temple. I am sure that you have never seen this type of temple. The entire temple’s design with tremendously detailed sculptures, and the temple expresses death through the color white. These are places to visit in Thailand.

Next to White Temple, you will see the Blue Temple. Another art of temple. These places can attract social media users.

For taking pictures, Thailand has another level to present the pictures of nature, city life, and temples.


Don’t think much! It is time to pack your luggage and leave for Thailand.

Now you can plan a trip to Thailand.

I am happy to share my experience with you.

Now, it’s your turn. Please share your experience in this comment section. It can help me to update my knowledge through you.

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