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10 Reasons Every Thai Must Go on an African Safari



10 Reasons Every Thai Must Go on an African Safari

An African Safari – in any sentence where these words appear, any traveller should already feel some sense of impeding adventure.

Although Thailand has many stunning destinations such as Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and many others, it is highly recommended that each Thai visit Africa at least once in their lifetime to experience a true African Safari staying at Sabi Sands accommodation.

There is nowhere else on earth where you can experience Safaris such as provided by the Gorilla Safari& The Masai Mara, Namibia Safari, Swaziland Wildlife and Culture Tour, Uganda Wildlife Holiday, Serengeti Trail, Botswana Camping Safaris and various lodges and game drives in the Kruger National Park, if only to name a few.

It all sounds very extravagant and promising, but why should every Thai break away from the stunning scenery, accommodation and holiday activities offered closer to home?

10 Reasons Every Thai Must Go on an African Safari

  1. Escaping everyday life to immerse yourself in nature with an African Safari

Africa is one of the continents with the most stunning scenery in wildlife in the world. From open plains, valleys, deserts and forests, it’s enough for any individual to get lost in and forget about the endless race in which we find ourselves daily

Travelling to Africa and embarking on a Safari gives everyone the chance to get in touch with nature and see animals in their natural habitats.

  1. Budget-friendly traveling

One of the constraints on tourists and travellers is what a holiday will cost at the end of the day. The whole idea behind going on holiday is to break away from everyday stresses, not add more to it.

A Safari in Africa offers just that, with plenty of Safaris catering for tourists in a package that is all-inclusive, from accommodation, meals, sightseeing and game viewing. Tourists are spared the extra hidden costs by offering package deals – without beating about the bush.

  1. Wild animals can be viewed in their natural habitat and even up close and personal

Animals can be watched while they graze, hunt, sleep and roam. These animals are extravagant, and it is never the same than seeing them either in a circus or in a zoo – in Africa, we are in their territory and it’s an honour and privilege to be able to view them.

There are birding havens, nature reserves, being able to track on foot with guides and off-the-beaten-track 4 x 4 experiences which cater for everyone’s desires.

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  1. Diverse and vibrant culture

Thai culture is a family-orientated, vibrant and where each person has a place within a society, where there is such respect amongst people and where people rarely display negative emotions.

The Thai tourist visiting Africa will get their fair share of diversity when visiting Africa. There are so many languages, customs, religions, social habits all rolled into one. Yet, with so many differences, it all comes together into one rainbow nation which caters for every tourist and traveller.

On an African Safari, depending on where the Thai tourist decides to go, they can be assured of learning more of that country’s culture and its people, to be treated to customs, cuisines and traditions that will leave them feeling like part of a family.

  1. Gorgeous scenery as far as the eye can see

An African Safari can best be described as an absolute, wholehearted feast for the senses. From drab cityscapes that occupy most of our lives and our daily routines, to the stunning landscapes of Africa. Stunning sunsets, wildlife, rivers, waterfalls, deserts and open plains, to only name a few. The Thai tourist would hardly be able to drink it up in just one trip.

There is nothing more calming than sitting next to a campfire with the summer sun setting the horizon alight, with animals drinking from a watering hole in the distance and hearing the serene sounds of mother nature.

  1. A little less planning, a lot more enjoying

African Safaris are easier to plan as a lot of destinations and lodges offer all-inclusive packages to tourists which takes a lot of pressure off having to draw up an extensive itinerary.

Lodges have guides and rangers who know where to go. Vehicles are specifically provided for game drives through the bush and there are normally trips that are already scheduled, so tourists can simply choose what they would like to do and experience.

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  1. Learning about conservation, and becoming a part of it

There are several species in Africa which have become endangered. When going on an African Safari, tourists may not realize that conservations fees are included in the price of packages – which help game parks and wildlife conservation centres keep up the work they are doing in protecting these species.

  1. Meeting other travellers and friendly locals

There is ample opportunity for tourists to meet other people from right around the world and allowing them to all experience the amazing, diverse cultures in Africa and allowing them to go home having made new friends and acquaintances.

An African Safari is also a wonderful way of learning about another continent and its inhabitants, their history, and so on.

  1. Suitable for the entire family

There is no age limit for those who go on an African Safari, it caters from young to old. The Safaris in Southern and East Africa are extremely well-established with many companies which offer excellent trips to some of the most amazing destinations.

  1. It’s an adventure in its own without the danger of doing it alone

For the Thai tourist, visiting another country may be very stressful as they are not familiar with the customs, traditions or layout of the land, but an African Safari provides tourists with the complete experience of an adventure while ensuring that tourists safety is guaranteed.

When going on an Africa Safari, there are rangers that guide tourists through some of the incredible scenery in Africa, amidst wildlife, while ensuring that it is done safely. A guided adventure may sound tedious and boring, but it offers exploration and experiences without added risk and worry.

Additionally, the article could conclude by highlighting that an African safari offers adventure, cultural enrichment, and unforgettable experiences while ensuring the safety and comfort of tourists. This once-in-a-lifetime journey allows Thai travelers to discover a continent of diverse landscapes, wildlife, and people, making it one of the best African tours for anyone seeking a unique and transformative adventure.






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