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Chinese TikTok Owner Spends 130% More Lobbying In The U.S.



Chinese TikTok Owner Spends 130% More Lobbying In The U.S.

(CTN News) – According to its disclosure filed in a federal database Wednesday, TikTok’s Chinese parent ByteDance spent $2.1 million lobbying the U.S. government in the second quarter.

For the first time since ByteDance first registered lobbying disclosures in 2019, it has spent more than $2 million in a single quarter. During 2021, the company spent about $4.7 million on lobbying.

Various issues were lobbied. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act was discussed, a key antitrust bill that would prevent dominant tech platforms from favoring their own offerings over those of competitors.

Furthermore, it lobbied on two versions of a large funding bill to boost American competitiveness against China, several online privacy bills, a defense spending bill, and a bill to ban TikTok.

As reported in the filing, ByteDance engaged with both chambers of Congress as well as executive agencies such as Commerce, Defense, State, and the Executive Office of the President.

CNBC reached out to the parent company and TikTok for comment but neither responded immediately.

Many lawmakers question TikTok’s ability to protect U.S. user data amid fears Beijing could compel ByteDance to hand over data because of its Chinese ownership.

TikTok has said it will not hand over U.S. user information to the Chinese government. BuzzFeed News recently reported that Chinese-based ByteDance employees were able to access nonpublic U.S. user data, reigniting lawmaker skepticism.

TikTok continuously works to validate its security standards, including through independent third-party testing.

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