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Passenger Bus Crashes into Roadside Ditch Injuring Seven in Southern Thailand

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BANGKOK – Police in southern Thailand have reported that 7 passengers were injured a Phuket-Hat Yai bus crashed into a ditch and fell on its side in Rattaphum district of Songkhla Province.

The accident happened on the Hat Yai-bound Asia highway in Moo 4 village in Tambon Khuha Tai at 3am.

The bus lay on its side with some 20 passengers trapped inside.

Seven passengers suffered head wounds and were taken to Rattaphum Hospital. They were discharged after treatment and continued their journey on another bus.

The bus driver, Pittaya Sudsawat, 30, told police that he was driving from Phuket when a pickup truck overtook his bus and cut in front of him and when he tried to avoid a collision with the trunk he drove the bus into a ditch, where it  flipped on its side.

รถทัวร์โดนปาดหน้า เสียหลักพลิกคว่ำ ผู้โดยสารเจ็บ 7 ราย1 1

สงขลา รถทัวร์เสียหลัก พลิกคว่ำ


06 04 รถทัวร์โดนปาดหน้า เสียหลักพลิกคว่ำ ผู้โดยสารเจ็บ 7 ราย

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