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Deputy Minister Thamanat Threatens Lawsuits to Silence Critics

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s embattled Deputy Minister Thamanat Prompow, has vowed to file around 100 lawsuits against those who he believes have lied about his past.

He said on Friday a network of people had attacked him about his background for a long time and he would now strike back.

“They will face consequences for what they did. I’ve said I’ll take it seriously. I’m not joking. I’ve told my lawyer to proceed with these 100 cases,” said the deputy Minister.

Thamanat added media organisations were not among his targets, only individuals.

The Phayao MP said he had waited for his opponents to show all their cards and would then respond through legal channels.

The former Pheu Thai MP is facing criticism from the disclosure of court documents by an Australian newspaper. They showed he might have somewhat lied about his conviction. Last week the paper published court information on the time he did in Australia in a heroin-smuggling case in 1993.

Thamanat told the House he did not confess but a photocopy of the sentencing shown by The Sydney Morning Herald indicates otherwise.

Some social media users dug deeper into his life and found his doctorate degree may have come from an institution that did not exist.

On the latter case, the 53-year-old reiterated on Friday he did not forge his educational background.

“Who would have done that? Yet the criticism continued. Don’t ask me about it anymore because I’ve explained everything,” Mr Thamanat said.

Source: Bangkok Post

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