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Young Moose Wins the Hearts of Canadians in Saskatchewan



A 2-year-old Moose has found her way into the hearts of Canadians across Canada after it crashed through a window of an elementary school in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Fourteen children attending a pre-school program and were in the classroom at the time, but they were uninjured. They were immediately led away from the Moose by teaching staff.

By day’s end, the young moose had found her way into the hearts of Canadians nationwide. Photos of the young moose standing in the classroom, with shards of glass surrounding her, had swept across social media, stirring a mixture of delight and concern over the young moose.

“We’re still kind of all in shock about it,” said Veronica Baker, a spokesperson for Saskatoon Public Schools.

Like a youngster still finding her way around the neighborhood, the young moose just lost her sense of direction.

The moose was resting by the time wildlife officers arrived. It was apparently exhausted by her sudden, adrenaline-fueled crash through the window.

The wildlife officers were able to tranquilize her before releasing her back into the forest.

Mrs. Sarah Paulgaard was walking her three daughters to school that morning when they saw the young moose running approximately 10 feet in front of them. The young Moose beat them to school and crashed through the floor-to-ceiling window moments before they arrived.

As they arrived, they hear the school principal’s voice come over the intercom to inform everyone of the unexpected visitor. Mrs. Paulgaard was relieved that the young moose had not been seriously injured.

“If it just would have gone straight instead of turning left at the school, she could have gone over the bridge and back into nature,” Mrs. Paulgaard said. “She really didn’t have far to go. She just made a wrong turn.”

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