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Young Daughter Orders the Killing of Her Own Mother

Her daughter was hoping to get insurance money and land to so she could bail out her drug-suspect husband.



BANGKOK – The daughter of a Bangkok woman has been charged with attempted murder after hiring two men to kill the mother in order to collect insurance and land worth Bt10 million.

Miss Kanchana Srisang, 25, and two men were arrested on charges of attempted murder of Uamduan Srisang, 55, Pol Maj Gen Daoloy Mueandej, told media.

Her mother, Mrs Uamduan was shot and seriously wounded at a housing estate in Bangkok on the night of June 22.

The victim was riding a bicycle on the way back to her house at the time she was attacked.

Pol Col Alongkot Sirisongkhram, said police found evidence implicating Ms Kanchana as the mastermind of the attack.

Police said the she confessed to having hired the two other suspects to kill her mother.

Mother Shot While Riding her Bike Home

She claimed she wanted the life insurance as well as her two land plots worth about 10 million baht.

She said she needed the money to bail out her husband, who was detained on drug charges.

She paid Bt200,000 to Mr Dao, who was a friend of her husband, and Mr Prachoen, to kill her mother.

On the night of the attack, the pair waited in a car before Mr Prachoen fired shots at the victim.

She was hit in the right chest and later rushed to a hospital, Thai media reported.

Mrs Uamduan told investigators that before the attack, she thought her daughter might have tried to poison her.

Gunman and Driver Confess to Shooting

She said she found a drink in her refrigerator had an unusual smell. When she threw it away, she noticed the ants that came to eat it died.

The woman and her daughter also quarreled frequently, said Pol Col Alongkot.

Pol Maj Gen Daoloy said the investigators were not convinced by Ms Kanchana’s confessions. The investigation would be expanded as the two male suspects had criminal records.

The three suspects were later taken for a crime re-enactment.

Ms Kanchana’s husband, Kittipong Plappla, 30, was arrested after police found 58 yaba pillsand some crystal meth on him in April. Mr Kittipong was being detained at Min Buri prison.

Source: Thairath, Bangkok Post

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