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President Trump Slams Fake News on World Press Freedom Day



WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. President Donald Trump railed against inaccurate stories about him while talking with reporters in the Oval Office on Friday.

He also had a tense moment when NBC’s Kristen Welker asked about his call with Russian President Vladimir Putin,

“Did you tell them not to meddle in the next election?”

“Excuse me, I’m talking. I’m answering this question. You are very rude,” Trump said.

He was then asked what he can improve on with his relationship with the press since Friday is World Press Freedom Day.

“Well, I think I have a very good relationship with some of the press,” Trump replied. “Unfortunately, some of the press doesn’t cover me accurately. In fact, they go out of their way to cover me inaccurately, so I don’t think that’s a free press. I think that’s a dishonest press, and I want to see a free press.”

“So, I want to see freedom of the press and I get treated fairly by some press, but I get treated very unfairly by other press,” Trump said. “Frankly, I think that’s very dishonest.

I don’t care that, when you have stories purposely written badly, in many cases much on purpose, I mean you look at it, that’s not free press. That’s the opposite of free press.”

President Trump applauded the New York Times, which like other news organizations, he typically attacks as “fake news” and an “enemy of the people,” for a story about the FBI and an undercover investigator that met with one of his campaign aides during the 2016 White House race.

In light of World Press Freedom Day, journalists across the globe honored colleagues who have died doing their jobs or been jailed because of their work.

By Julio Rosas
Washington Examiner


President Calls Out Mainstream Media

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