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Government of Canada to Issue 100,000 Express Entry Invitations



ExpGovernment of Canada to Issue 100,000 Express Entry Draw Invitations

The government of Canada has announced its planning to issues 100,000 or more Express Entry invitations in 2020. If this happens for real, it is going to be a great thing, given the ongoing pandemic situation.

Marco Mendicino, the immigration minister had said earlier this year that Canada is planning to provide permanent residency to around 341,000 people in 2020. Canada’s immigration plan for 2020-2022 has a target to admit 91,800 immigrants to Canada via Express Entry.

Express Entry is the way through which Immigration Refugees and Canada (IRCC) manages immigration applications for economic class. The economic section accounts for about 60% of all new immigrants in Canada each year.

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IRCC Express Entry Draws

When coronavirus struck the country in March, Canada realized that they needed to stop entry into the country. This measure was needed to contain the spread of the virus.

Due to the country shutting down for outsiders, the immigration system wasn’t able to function properly. Not just that, but even individuals who have already received their confirmations of permanent residence (COPRs) are not allowed to get into the country at the moment.

This is not just because of the pandemic, but there are other reasons too. For instance, many of them have their COPR expired or they have received their COPR after 18th March and are currently banned from entering the country.

However, the implementation of the Express Entry draws on a bi-weekly basis have been a great surprise. The authorities were planning to put a temporary hold on the Express Entry draws during the beginning of the pandemic. They also thought of issuing a lesser number of invitations. However, something very opposite happened to the Express Entry.

Express Entry candidates

Currently, the country has issued a vast number of Express Entry draws. This indicates that the country is ready to welcome a large number of immigrants after the pandemic is over.

For those unversed, Canada had the largest Express Entry draw on 14th October 2020. Canada issued Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence to at least 4,500 Express Entry candidates. As per the rules, these candidates can now apply for permanent residency in the country. Once the pandemic is over, the COPR holders will get the chance to have a fresh start in Canada.

So far, the country has issued around 82,850 Express Entry draws this year. If everything goes as planned, IRCC will organise for Express Entry draws on 28th October, 11th, and 25th November, 9th, and 23rd December. This means that there are five Express Entry draws left in 2020.

In case, IRCC invites around 3,900 candidates in each of the Express Entry draws in 2020, then they will have to issue around 102,350 invitations by the end of this year. With IRCC issuing around 3,500 ITAs per draw, Canada will exceed 100,000 ITAs in 2020.

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Why is Canada issuing so many Express Entry invitations in 2020?

Canada has always been very welcoming to immigrants. Every year thousands of people settle in Canada with the hope of starting a new life. On a good note, the Canadian government provides all the support that the immigrants need.

With the increased number of Express Entry invitations, we know that Canada is willing to admit a large number of immigrants despite the current situation. They are doing so to support their economy.

Coming to IRCC, they believe that they will be providing permanent residence applications within a short time. Just so you know the standard processing time for Express Entry is six months. It can be even lesser for 80% of applications.

By conducting larger draws, IRCC expecting to admit successful candidates in Canada in 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the economy has suffered a great deal and is still recovering. In such a situation getting more immigrants means they can contribute to the economy. This seems like a mutual benefit.

Another reason for larger draws could be the reduced intake of refugees because of the pandemic. According to reports, Canada was planning to invite around 50,000 refugees in 2020. However, that is not going to happen anymore.

Canada has five Express Entry draws left for this year

The larger draws conducted by IRCC may also be a class program like Quebec’s immigration programs, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and other federal programs. All these programs are also falling short because of the pandemic. Given the high Express Entry draws, it will remain that way till 2021 and beyond.

More people want to seek permanent residency in Canada is because they can find numerous opportunities out there. Canada has always been focused on building its economy. The economy may be down for now but the country is trying its best to make it rise.

By inviting more immigrants, they can acquire a greater workforce. This will contribute to the economy of the country. If you want to shift to Canada, then you should contact an immigration lawyer. Once all the travelling restrictions are relaxed and the pandemic is over, the immigration system will start operating properly.

Canada has five Express Entry draws left for this year. They are planning to issue at least 3,500 invitations in each of the draws. The lucky ones will get the opportunity to start a new life in Canada after the pandemic is gone.


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